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A Detailed Study of a Selected Topic (Dissertation)

The dissertation is a 10,000-word piece of written-up research based on fieldwork, museum work, laboratory work, other forms of analytical work, or library/archive work (or any combination of these).

The written account of your dissertation research is different from an essay - you are expected to outline aims and objectives, methods and results. You are expected to apply your own critical judgement to your chosen research area and discuss your own ideas alongside the published ideas of others working in the same field. You will be guided in your choice of topic, in your programme of fieldwork or data collection, and in the writing up of your results by your Dissertation Supervisor, the Third Year Tutor, and the Dissertation Handbook.

The 'Dissertation Timetable' provides an important framework for pacing your work and for having regular meetings with your Dissertation Supervisor and the Third Year Tutor.

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