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Managing Museums

This module focuses on the organisational and managerial context of museums.


This module aims to familiarise students with a variety of key aspects of management, both theoretical and technical, which are deemed essential for the effective running of museums. It discusses management against the background of the ever-changing role of museums and the many challenges relating to economy, politics and society that institutions face today. A variety of topics pertaining to museum management are examined, including current issues and debates; financial aspects and strategic planning; governance and leadership; marketing; technology and digitisation; legislation and policies; professional ethics and codes of conduct; management of human resources; identity and impact management; and fundraising and development.

Topics include:

  • the international and national museum scene
  • legislation relating to museums
  • professional ethics and codes of conduct
  • strategic planning
  • management of resources
  • fundraising
  • training

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  • Runs every year