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GIS Approaches to Past Landscapes


This course builds on the prerequisite module GIS in Archaeology and History (ARCL0094) to provide students with a theoretical grounding and practical experience in advanced uses of Geographic Informations Systems for archaeological purposes. There is a strong emphasis on the manipulation of raster data and we consider interpolation techniques, landscape geomorphometry, viewshed analysis, cost surface analysis, hydrology, as well as 2.5D, 3D and temporal modelling.

We make use of a wide range of both commercial and Open Source software, including ArcGIS, Autodesk Map 3D, GRASS, Idrisi, Landserf and TauDEM. The course is taught using a combination of lectures, practical sessions and tutorials in the Institute's AGIS laboratory. There is an emphasis on comparative analysis of different algorithms and software implementations, as well as a strong concern with how such techniques might be applied to solve substantive archaeological problems. This course would particularly benefit those who wish to use GIS primarily in an analytical capacity. It is assessed in four practical components and one essay.

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  • Not Running in 2020/21