Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies

Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies

The UCL Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies was established in 2007 as an expression of shared research interests across the Institute of Archaeology, Department of Anthropology, UCL Museums and Collections, and beyond. The Centre now has a large and vibrant membership, including staff and PhD students across a number of UCL departments, as well as associates from other universities, museums and the heritage sector more widely.

The Centre organises a weekly research seminar as well as occasional workshops, conferences and round tables. It provides a network for the development of research initiatives on a wide range of issues, including:

Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies website
  • Contemporary/critical museology and museum anthropology
  • Cultural heritage and memory studies
  • Ethnographic approaches to museum/heritage research
  • Cultures of materials
  • Culture and development
  • Object/collections-based research and pedagogy
  • Digital museology and curatorship
  • Ethnographic exhibition and installation
  • Museum and heritage ethics

In addition to research activities, the Centre is a provider of professional training courses and consultancy to the international museum and heritage sector.

Related outputs

  • Conference, 2011: Critical Conversations in Culture and Development (jointly sponsored by the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen)
  • Seminar series, 2011: Critical Heritage and Museology: Anthropological and Archaeological Perspectives
  • Workshop, 2010: Engaging with Pacific Collections
  • Conference, 2010: Traces: Thinking Objects through Remains
  • Conference, 2010: Wrapping and Unwrapping the Body: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives (jointly sponsored by the Institute of Archaeology)
  • Film series, 2010: Museum+Film: A New Series of Documentary Films on Museums and Heritage
  • Workshop, 2009: Aglow: Critical Material Encounters at UCL
  • Workshop, 2009: Lifecycle of a Digital Object: From Laser Scanning to Visualization and ┬úD Printing
  • Conference, 2009: Perspectives on Critical Heritage: Constructing and Performing Authenticity in Touristic and Material Displays
  • Conference, 2009: Re-thinking Ethnology (jointly sponsored by the Journal of Material Culture)
  • Workshop, 2009: Repatriation (run by the Ngarrindjeri delegation from South Australia)
  • Conference, 2008: Heritage and Wellbeing
  • Conference, 2008: Cultures of Commodity Branding

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