Learning in the Field


Since Mortimer Wheller’s original conception the Institute has prided itself in providing students with training in the practical skills essential to archaeology. Recent training excavations were run by the Institute’s field unit under the direction of David Rudling at the Roman Villas of Bignor and Barcombe, and prior to this a series of projects directed by Peter Drewett included the landscape study of Bullock Down and excavations at Black Patch. The West Dean Project is designed to continue this tradition by involving students in fieldwork and using their help to contribute to the research aims. The involvement of the Institute’s field unit (CAA) also provides students with an opportunity to share knowledge of commercial archaeology and technical expertise in field techniques. Involvement in all stages of the project provides students with training in topographic and geophysical survey, excavation methods, artefact analysis, environmental studies, archive research and interpretation.

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