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Handout from the 2007 season Open Day

Publication: (available online):
Lockyear, K., T. Sly and A. Popescu with contributions from Mihaela Ciausescu, Clive Orton, Jane Sidell and Robin Symonds (2006-2007). 'The Noviodunum Archaeological Project 2000-2004: results and conclusions from the pilot seasons.' Peuce, New Series, 3-4, pp. 121-158.

Noviodunum Archaeological Project (NAP)

Proiectul arheologic Noviodunum (NAP)

Noviodunum Fieldwork 2010

This season the project is being run as a UCLA Fieldschool.

  • Video: Excavations at Noviodunum:


Looking north over the centre of the Project area in Romania:

  • the late Roman tower in the centre
  • the Ottoman period fort to the left
  • the Danube valley in the middle distance
  • the Ukraine on the other side of the Danube

The Noviodunum Archaeological Project (NAP) is supported by:


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