Institute of Archaeology


The team

Collaborations and partners


The project is supported by volunteer members of the public as well as local historians and archaeologists who are carrying out the digital and field recording of meeting-places. To get involved contact Dr Stuart Brookes

GIS and digital recording

Claire Bretin  Leanne Kendall-Corps Damon Ortega
Laurie Elvin Deborah Nadal Martin Williams

Field survey

Kate Lancelott Beddoes Roger Brodie Diane Charlesworth
Peter Christopher Linden Currie Pat Day
John Dent Simon Draper Pam England
Michael Fradley Tom Green Jim Gunter
Lesley Harding Jeremy Harte David Hayward and other CLASP members
Janet Hudson Rebecca Ireland Anthea Jones
Denise Leigh Jill Martin Mike Martin
John Matthews Ben Morton Mike Pengelly
Catherine Petts Roelie Reed Paul Tubb 
Shaun Wilson