Documentation of Iraqi Archaeological Sites

Tell Wilaya, Iraq

This project led by Mark Altaweel with American and Iraqi colleagues involves the documentation, reinvestigation, and completion of older Iraqi excavations and surveys covering northern and southern Iraq.

Related outputs

  • Hussein, AM and Hamza, HA and Thaher, AK and Kadhum, SJ and Hashem, M and Taha, HM and Altaweel, MR and Studevent-Hickman, B. 2010. Tell Abu Sheeja/Ancient Pasime Report on the First Season of Excavations, 2007. Akkadica 131 (1):47 - 103. 2009.

  • Hussein, S.Y., Altaweel, M. Rejeb, Z. 2009. Report on excavations at Tell al-Wilaya, Iraq. Information on the 1999 and 2000 seasons. Akkadica 130(1):3-43


  • United States State Department, National Endowment for the Humanities
  • The American Academic Research Institute of Iraq

Project Leader:

Project Partners:

  • McGuire Gibson (University of Chicago)
  • State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, Iraq


Further information:

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