Institute of Archaeology


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Theorie

Archaeological Theory: development of the discipline

The Theorie-AG was founded 1990 in Lampeter, with Ulrike Sommer as one of the co-founders.

It is an independent society of archaeologists interested in archaeological theory and aims to facilitate discussions on theory and method in German and international Archaeology, to disseminate informations on the historical development of the disciple and the current state of archaeological debate.

To achieve these aims, it uses:

  • bi-annual Newsletter
  • homepage and archive
  • annual conference

The workgroup also publishes books discussion theoretical and methodological problems.

Related outputs

  • Paper on the archaeology of memory at the Meeting of the German Antiquarian Societies (October 2011)

  • A. Gramsch, U. Sommer (eds.) (in press), German Archaeological Theory and Practice in its European Context. Archäolingua, Budapest.


This is a self-funding research initiative (membership fees)