Sally Worrell

Research Interests

  • Prehistoric and Roman Material culture
  • Romano-British Glass Studies


  • Museums Association
  • Society of Museum Archaeologists
  • Roman Finds Group
  • Small Finds Group, 400-1770

Educational Background

  • MA, Durham University (1997)
  • BA, Durham University (1994)
  • Worrell, S. 2002. Contributions in H. Geake, Medieval Britain and Ireland 2001: Portable Antiquities Scheme, 128-145, Medieval Archaeology, Volume XLVI
  • Worrell, S. 2002. Some Portable Antiquities from Hampshire and Wiltshire. In Lucerna Roman Finds Group Newsletter 24, 13-14.
  • Worrell, S. 2002. Recent metalwork discoveries in Hampshire. Proc. Hampshire Field Club Archaeol. Soc. 57, 89-95 (Hampshire Studies 2002).
  • Price, J. & Worrell, S. 2002. The Roman Glass. In Sparey-Green, C. Excavations on the South-Eastern Defences and Extramural Settlement of Little Chester, Derby 1971-2. Derbyshire Archaeological Journal, Volume 122, 231-45.
  • Worrell, S. 2001. Contributions in H. Geake, Medieval Britain and Ireland 2000: Portable Antiquities Scheme, 236-251, Medieval Archaeology, Volume XLV
  • Worrell, S. 2000. The Roman Glass. In Smith I. & Taylor, J. Excavations on Iron Age and Medieval Earthworks at the Dod, Borders Region, Archaeological Journal vol 157, 179-81.

Current students

Second Supervisor

Michelle Statton Dress, adornment and identity in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain (50BC - AD410) (principal supervisor Andrew Gardner)


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