John J. Wilkes

  • BA, PhD, FBA, FSA
  • Emeritus Yates Professor of Greek and Roman Archaeology

Research Interests

  • History and Archaeology of th Graeco-Roman world in general with specializations in Britain and Southeast Europe.
  • Roman inscriptions and topography, settlements and site archaeology.


  • Excavations at Sparta with G. B. Waywell (King's Institute of Classical Studies). Reports published in recent Annual of hte British School at Athens.

Educational Background

  • UCL: BA in Ancient History
  • University of Durham: PhD.

  • Wilkes, J J, 1992. The Illyrians. Oxford: Blackwell
  • Clark, D F, Roxan, M M, and Wilkes (eds), 1993. The later Roman Empire Today: Papers given in honour of Professor John Mann. London: Institute of Archaeology.
  • Waywell, G B, and Wilkes, J J, 1994. Excavations at Sparta: The Roman Stoa, 1988-91 Part 2, The Annual of the British School at Athens, 89, 377-432.
  • Waywell, G B, and Wilkes, J J, 1995. Excavations at the Ancient Theatre of Sparta 1992-94: Preliminary Report, The Annual of the British School at Athens, 90, 435-460.

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