John Tait

  • MA, D.Phil.
  • Emeritus Professor of Egyptology

The text of John's Inaugural Lecture is available here»

Research Interests

  • Ancient Egyptian social history
  • Languages, texts, and documents of ancient Egypt (from Early Egypt into the Islamic period)


  • North Saqqara and Memphis projects of the Egypt Exploration Society (London)
  • Rifeh Project (with Wolfram Grajetzki and Petrie Museum staff)

Educational Background

  • First degree in Classics
  • D.Phil. in Egyptian and Greek papyrology
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Current Students

  • John Johnston Aspects of display and identity in 'Egyptian' burials at Panopolis (Akhmim) during the Ptolemaic period (second supervisor Corinna Riva)

Previous Students

  • Brigitte Balanda Ancient Egypt and Napata: Exchange and development of funerary traditions along the Lower and Middle Nile Valley, and their impact on the rise of the Kingdom of Napata (principal supervisor Dorian Fuller). Submitted 2011

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