Dean Sully

Research Interests

My main areas of research have related to the conservation of organic materials within museum collections. Particularly how the process of conservation is applied; from the use or excavation of an artefact, through to its display and storage in a museum context.

This has focussed on:

  • the treatment of waterlogged wood and leather,
  • the use of Data in conservation,
  • the provision of suitable display environments,
  • the management of pests in a Tropical environment and
  • the documentation of traditional techniques of conservation in South East Asia.

Research Directory Records


  • National Trust: Project Manager for Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation

Educational Background

  • BSc (Hons): UCW Aberystwyth
  • Cons.Cert. in Archaeological Conservation: UCL Institute of Archaeology
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Second Supervisor

  • Anna Maria Rossi Making Archaeology Abroad. A postcolonial perspective in Malta (principal supervisor Tim Williams)
  • Niki Savvides Visitor experience and sustainable management of heavily visited sites: the case study of Herculaneum (joint second supervisor with Tim Williams, principal supervisor Kathy Tubb)

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