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  • Room B16
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Bill Sillar

Research Interests

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Other Projects

Educational Background:

  • BSc Institute of Archaeology, University of London. 1985
  • MSc Institute of Archaeology, UCL 1988
  • PhD Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge 1995

Current Students

  • Miguel Feuntes Inca explansion and local societies: Architecture and space in the Arica Highlands (1400-1530) (second supervisor Todd Whitelaw)
  • Kirsten Halliday Imagery by default or design?: Artisan and State in Chimu and Chimu-Inka cloth and clay (second supervisors Renata Peters and Colin McEwan BM)
  • Viviana Siveroni Household integration and population aggregation in Late Prehispanic Nasca (second supervisor Todd Whitelaw)

Second Supervisor

  • Chen Lim Shopping in Ancient Southeast Asia: The ceramic trade and its footprint in three port settlements (principal supervisor Rodney Harrison
  • Maria Teresa Plaza Gold and silver technology in San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile, during the Middle Period (AD 400-900) (principal supervisor Marcos Martinon-Torres)
  • Bruno Vindrola Agents of Destruction: the study of destruction, consumption, deposition and post-depositional actors of pottery in Early Neolithic Central and Southeast European settlements (principal supervisor Ulrike Sommer)

Recently submitted students

  • Cesar Astuhuaman The organisation of the Inca Provinces within the Highlands of Piura, Northern Peru (second supervisor Jose Oliver)
  • Yvette Balbaligo Earthenware pottery from Ille Cave, Palawan, the Philippines: local change and regional connections (second supervisor Dorian Fuller)
  • Sarah Byrne A practice-centred approach to Uneapa Island's archaeology in a long-term context (second supervisor Sue Hamilton)
  • Paolo Guarino Aspects of complexity in Arslantepe (secondary supervisor Roger Matthews)
  • Fernanda (Maria) Kalazich Cultural meanings and values of the Likan Antai. The practise of archaeology through a participatory approach (principal supervisor Tim Schadla-Hall)
  • Virginia McRostie Agriculturization process in the Western Salty Basin of Atacama (2910BC-500AD). When, where, how and why? A research based on macro and micro botanical evidences. (second supervisor Manuel Arroyo Kalin)
  • Meredith Wiggins Roman households: Space, status and identity (principal supervisor Andrew Gardner)

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