Daniela Rosenow

  • Magister, PhD
  • Marie Curie Research Fellow

Research Interests

  • Glass production in ancient Egypt
  • Egyptian Late Period sacred architecture
  • Late Antique glass from the Eastern Mediterranean

Current Research

Glass in Late Antiquity: Science and Society (GLASS)

Glass from post-dynastic sites in Egypt has rarely been afforded proper attention, often being presented as an afterthought to ceramic studies. In recent years an increasing interest in the scientific investigation of ancient glass production, trade, exchange and technological developments has arisen, seeking to integrate new technological achievements into traditional Egyptological/Classical/Near Eastern archaeological research. Scientific glass studies are able to elucidate changes in production, supply and trade patterns, reflecting important political, historical, social and economic developments. Thus scientific glass studies are currently one of the most dynamic and promising fields of research. While work in regions such as Roman Britain or the Levant has already shown the immense potential of applying natural sciences in an archaeological context, Late Antique glass from Egypt has almost exclusively been studied by using traditional typological methods.

The GLASS project seeks to address the lack of research about Late Antique to Early Islamic glass from Egypt and its trade by combining archaeological, chemical, and historical methods. It builds upon excavations at Tell Basta/Bubastis (Egypt) where a large amount of Late Antique glass has recently been excavated. Using this glass corpus as a case study, research questions such as the glass supply and consumption in Bubastis, but also more general questions about glass trade pattern, recycling issues, the status of glass objects and glass imitation, will be addressed. It will integrate these results into a larger discussion and draw conclusions concerning various economic, cultural, social and historical aspects of Egypt's glass use and consumption in the context of the Mediterranean glass trade throughout the Late Antique and Early Islamic periods.

Research Directory Records

Collaborative Research Projects

  • 2014  - present: Principal Investigator for glass finds for the Buto Western Delta Survey (German Archaeological Institute, Project Director: Robert Schiestl)
  • 2013 - present: Principal Investigator for Roman to Early Islamic glass finds for the Egypt Exploration Society’s Delta Survey (project director: Penny Wilson, University of Durham)
  • 2012 - present: Principal Investigator for Roman to Early Islamic glass finds for the Tuna el-Gebel project (Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, field directors: Dieter Kessler/Mélanie Flossmann-Schütze)
  • 2009 - present: Principal Investigator of Late Ptolemaic – Early Islamic glass finds at Tell Basta/Bubastis
  • 2008 - present: Deputy Director of the Tell Basta-Project, Joint Mission (University of Göttingen (Germany)/Supreme Council of Antiquities (Egypt)/Egypt Exploration Society (UK)
  • 2001-2006 Principal Investigator of the archaeological remains of the Late Period at Bubastis

Educational Background

  • 2008: PhD in Archaeology and Cultural History of North Eastern Africa (Egypt),Department of Archaeology and Cultural History of North Eastern Africa, Humboldt University Berlin (Germany). Thesis title: "The Temple-house of the Great Temple of Bastet at Bubastis"
  • 2003: Magister Artium in Egyptology and Classical Archaeology, Richard Lepsius Institut for Egyptology and Winckelmann Institute for Classical Archaeology, Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany).


  • Rosenow, D. In press 2013. The Temple-house of the Great Temple of Bastet at Bubastis, BUBASTICA 1, Marburg.

Edited volumes

  • Rosenow, D., Gander, M., Lange, E., Loth, M., Vaelske, V. 2006. Egypt – A Temple for Animals, Achet Verlag Berlin.

Journal articles and conference proceedings

  • Rosenow, D. In prep 2012. Glass and the City – Glass in Late Antique Bubastis.   Archaeometry 
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Daniela Rosenow

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