Mark Roberts

Research Interests

Colonisation of Europe; Middle Pleistocene chronostratigraphy and its impact upon archaeological theory; hominid behaviour during the Middle Pleistocene; palaeolithic southern Britain; excavation of Boxgrove, west Sussex.

Research Directory Records

  • Hillson, S., Parfitt, S.A., Bello, S.M., Roberts, M.B. and Stringer, C.B. In press (2010). Two hominin incisor teeth from the Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, Sussex, England. Journal of Human Evolution. Published on line 9/9/10 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jhevol.2010.06.004
  • Holmes, J.A., Atkinson, T., Fiona Darbyshire, D.P., Horne, D.J., Joordans, J., Roberts, M.B., Sinka, K.J. and Whittaker, J.E. 2010. Middle Pleistocene climate and hydrological environments at the Boxgrove hominin site (West Sussex, UK) from ostracod records. Quaternary Science Reviews. 29: 1515-1527.
  • Pope, M.I., Roberts, M.B., Maxted, A. and Jones, P. In press (Out 2010). The Valdoe: archaeology of a locality within the Boxgrove landscape. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society.
  • Roberts, M.B. and Pope, M.I. 2009. The archaeological and sedimentary records from Boxgrove and Slindon. In The Quaternary of the Solent Basin and the Sussex Raised Beaches. R.M. Briant, R.T. Hosfield, F.F. Wenban-Smith (eds.).London: Quaternary Research Association. 96-122.
  • Roberts, M.B. 2009. Where now for Boxgrove? Archaeology International. 11: 28-33.
  • Roberts, M.B. 2009. Goosehill Camp Investigation. Past Matters. 7: 19-23.
  • Roberts, M.B. and Pope, M.I. submitted (out 2011). Mapping the early Middle Pleistocene deposits of the Slindon Formation, across the coastal plain of West Sussex and eastern Hampshire, UK. London: English Heritage Monograph Series.
  • Roberts, M.B., Pope, M.I. and Parfitt, S.A. In prep (Out 2011-12). Boxgrove: An early Middle Pleistocene hominid site at Eartham Quarry, Boxgrove West Sussex. Excavations 1990-1996. London: English Heritage Monograph Series.
  • Roberts, M.B. and Peyre, L.  In prep (2011).  Excavation and survey at Goosehill Camp, Chilgrove, West Sussex, UK. Sussex Archaeological Collections.
  • Pope M.I and Roberts, M.B. 2009. “Clenching Authority”: Joseph Prestwich and the proofs of the Antiquity of Man. In Lithics 30 R.T. Hosfield, F.F. Wenban-Smith and M.I. Pope (eds.). 35-44.
  • Stout, D., Apel, J. and Roberts, M.B. (submitted 2010). Late Acheulian technology and cognition at Boxgrove, UK. Journal of Archaeological Science.
  • Pope, M.I., Roberts, M.B. 2005. Observations on the relationship between Paleolithic individuals and artefact scatters at the Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, UK. In: C.S. Gamble and M. Porr, (eds.), The individual in the Palaeolithic, Routledge, London, pp. 81-97.

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