Elizabeth Pye

Research Interests

Research Directory Records


  • The PMDA Project (Programme for Museum Development in Africa) University of Nairobi, Kenya, with International Centre for Conservation, Rome (ICCROM)
  • The Volubilis Project: UCL with the Ministry of Culture Morocco (conservation of excavated structures and small artefacts)

Educational Background

  • MA Prehistoric Archaeology, Edinburgh 1968
  • Diploma in Archaeological Conservation, University of London Institute of Archaeology 1970
  • Pye, E. 2006. Authenticity challenged: the "plastic house" at Çatalhöyük. Public Archaeology 5(4), 237-251. ISSN: 1465-5187
  • Pye, E, 2001. Caring for the Past: Issues in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums. London: James and James
  • Pye, E, 2000. Chapter 7: The wall plaster, in S Keay, J Creighton & J Remisal Rodriguez (eds), Celti (Penaflor): The Archaeology of an Hispano-Roman Town in Baetica. University of Southampton Department of Archaeology Monograph No 2, 124-140. Oxford: Oxbow
  • Pye, E, 1999. Peer review as a method of assessing effectiveness of conservation training programmes, in J Bridgland (ed), Preprints of the 12th Triennial Meeting of the ICOM Committee for Conservation Lyon, 29 August -September 1999, 147-152. London: James and James
  • Pye, E, 1999. Improving the route from conservation education to professional acceptance, in K Dardes (ed), Defining and Measuring Effectiveness in Education and Training. Proceedings of the Interim Meeting of the ICOM Committee for Conservation: Working Group on Training in Conservation and Restoration. April 16-18, 1998, 97-102. Vantaa, Finland
  • Pye, E, 1995. Pottery - what makes ceramics ethnographic? in L Hill & S Giles (eds), Where to Start, Where to Stop? Papers from the British Museum/MEG Ethnographic Conservation Colloquium Museum Ethnographers Group Occasional Papers No. 4, 10-18. Hull: Museum Ethnographers Group
  • Pye, E, 1992. Conservation and storage: archaeological material, in J M Thompson (ed), Manual of Curatorship. Revised edition, 392-426. London: Butterworth-Heinemann 

Current Students

  • James Hales Bats in churches: An objective assessment of perceived problems (second supervisor Elizabeth Graham)
  • Teresa Moreno The analysis and conservation of American Indian silver jewellery (second supervisor Marcos Martinon-Torres)
  • Duygu Camurcuoglu Cleere The wall paintings of Catalhoyuk (Turkey): Materials, technologies and artists (joint supervision with Karen Wright, second supervisor Thilo Rehren)

Second Supervisor

  • Renata Franco Peters Redressing misrepresentation: The role of conservation (joint second supervisor with Stephen Shennan, principal supervisor Tim Schadla-Hall)

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