John Merkel

Research Interests

  • Conservation of metal artefacts and Archaeometallurgy
  • Early metallurgical processes and sites in the Near East and South America.

Current Research

  • Chalcolithic copper smelting in Israel
  • Copper-Iron alloys (corrosion and working properties)
  • Sican metallurgy in Northern Coastal Peru
  • Byzantine metallurgy
  • Corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings for archaeological metals

Research Directory Records

Educational Background

  • BSc 1975 University of Cincinnati, McMicken Scholars Honors Program, Archaeological Geology
  • MSc 1978 University of Minnesota, Center for Ancient Studies, Archaeo-Metallurgy
  • PhD 1983 University of London, Department of Archaeological Conservation and Materials Science, Institute of Archaeology
  • Cert. 1988 University College London, Department of Archaeological Conservation and Materials Science, Institute of Archaeology, Certificate in Archaeological Conservation


  • University College London, Institute of Archaeology: Lecturer, September 1988 to present
  • Harvard University, Peabody Museum: Assistant Conservator, June to September 1988
  • Research Consultant, Archaeometry Laboratory Development, December 1987, January and April 1988
  • Assistant Curator, Center for Archaeological Research and Development (CARD), February 1986 to September 1987
  • Research Assistant II, Center for Archaeological Research and Development, February 1984 to January 1986
  • Harvard University, Department of Anthropology: Lecturer, July 1986 to June 1987
  • Tufts University, Experimental College and the Department of Classical Studies: Lecturer, Spring and Fall 1985
  • University of Pennsylvania, The University Museum: Research Consultant, Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology (MASCA), May 1983 to February 1984
  • University of Minnesota, University Computer Center: Project Assistant, Information Management and Statistics, June 1977 to October 1978 (full-time and part-time)
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Current Students

  • Alice Paterakis The formation of acetate corrosion on Bronze Art and Antiquites: recommendations for conseravtion, storage and exhibition (second supervisor Dafydd Griffiths)
  • Mariya Masubuchi Iron and steel production in central Anatolia c. 1650 - 600 BC in light of socio-cultural transition before and after the collapse of the Hittites

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