Stuart J. A. Laidlaw

Research Interests

  • Evolving new techniques in archaeological photography

Research Directory Records


  • Dublin University
  • Kings College London
  • Warsaw University
  • The Getty Museum
  • The National Trust and English Heritage

Educational Background

  • Glasgow's School and University system
  • Rachael Sparks with photographs by Stuart Laidlaw (2007). A Future for the Past – Petrie’s Palestinian Collection
  • G.Herrmann, H.Coffey and S.Laidlaw (2004) The Published Ivories from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud. SSAI and UCL
  • Herrmann, G., Coffey, H., Laidlaw, S. & K. Kurbansakhatov (2002). The Monuments of Merv. A scanned archive of photographs and plans
  • Photographs for 'Nomads' by Ken Teague of the Horniman Museum
  • Photographs for Current Archaeology # 171
  • Photographs for Identification of the Northern European Woods by Jon Hather
  • Photographs for Insciptions of Early Medieval Brittany by Kris Lockyear et al.
  • Numerous other publications

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