Suzanne Keene

  • PhD
  • Emeritus Reader, Museum and Heritage Studies
  • Committee, EVA London Conference

Research Interests

  • Access to and utility of museum collections: the reasons for keeping museum collections, and the benefits of doing so; innovative ways of using and accessing museum collections
  • The use of information and communications technologies for museum and other cultural purposes: information analysis, multimedia interfaces and conceptual design; user requirements and usability
  • Social and political context for museums, including the effects of government policy on their operations
  • Values of culture, including objects and collections, cultural organisations and landscape


  • UK LASSI project, which produced a specification for a collections management system that would cover the needs of all UK museums, and subsequently to negotiate the procurement of that system. (to 1996)
  • The Netful of Jewels project: with UK national museums, to produce a report that set out the future for museum digitisation. (to 1999)
  • E-Culture Net: European Network of Excellence project working to develop access to Europe’s cultural heritage through a Distributed European Electronic Resource (DEER); European Masters' in digital culture, and a Research Matrix analysing relevant research.   Representative for the UK. (to 2003)


  • Institute of Archaeology, London: Diploma in Archaeological conservation (1969) PhD, UCL: Information for managing conservation in museums (1993)
  • Conservator, then Editor, medieval finds volume, Winchester Research Unit  (1969-1977)
  • Head of Conservation, the Museum of London (1980-1990)
  • Head of Department, the Museum of London (1980-1992)
  • Head of Collections Management, the Science Museum (1992-2000)

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