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Esther Trave

I studied Medieval History and Archaeology in the University of Barcelona, where I joined the Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology Research Group (GRAMP.-UB) in 2006. I specialized in medieval cooking wares from Catalonia and in the peopling processes in rural areas. From 2010 to 2012 I worked for Sistemes de Gestió de Patrimoni, a private company in Catalonia specialized in Heritage conservation and Archaeological Fieldwork. During this period, I was the supervisor for the Excavation and Restoration works in the Castle of Penyafort (Barcelona). Later on, I got a postdoctoral grant funded by the Catalan Government to work on medieval ceramics and to carry out a research project focused on the production and consumption of medieval greywares from 11th to 15th Centuries, with the Institute of Archaeology being my host institution.

2005 - Graduate in History (University of Barcelona)

2007 - D.E.A in Medieval Archaeology (University of Barcelona)

2009 - PhD Thesis: "Producció i distribució d'una terrisseria medieval: Cabrera d'Anoia" (Production and distribution of a medieval kiln-site: Cabrera d'Anoia - Barcelona)

Research Interests

  • MAURI, Alfred; TRAVÉ, Esther; Del FRESNO, Pablo (2012): “An Integrated Implementation of Written and Material Sources – Conceptual Challenge and Technological Resources” . A OLLICH, I. (ed.) Archaeology, New Approaches in Theory and Techniques, InTech.
  • PADILLA, José Ignacio; TRAVÉ, Esther (2012): "El alfar de Cabrera d'Anoia (Barcelona): Una aproximación arqueométrica". In GELICI, Sauro (ed.) Atti de IX CICMM2, Venezia, Scuola Grande dei Carmini, Auditorium Santa Margherita, 23-27 novembre 2009, Firenze, p. 28-35.
  • PADILLA, José Ignacio; ÁLVARO, Karen; TRAVÉ, Esther (2011): “Las cerámicas culinarias de Cabrera d’Anoia: Estrategias de producción en un alfar medieval (Cooking vessels from Cabrera d'Anoia: Production strategies in a medieval kiln site)”. Arqueología y territorio medieval, 18: 117-144.
  • PADILLA, José Ignacio; ÁLVARO, Karen; TRAVÉ, Esther (2011): “El alfar medieval de vajilla culinaria de Cabrera d’Anoia (A medieval kiln site for cooking vessels at Cabrera d’Anoia)”. Territorio, sociedad y poder, 6: 73-104.
  • Padilla, José Ignacio; Travé, Esther. (2010): “Adaptación al medio y transformación del espacio artesanal: balance actual de las investigaciones acerca del alfar medieval de Cabrera d’Anoia”: Boletín de Arqueología Medieval, 14. Asociación Española de Arqueología Medieval, Madrid, p. 259-294.
  • Travé, Esther. (2009): Producció i distribució d’una terrisseria medieval: Cabrera d’Anoia. Universitat de Barcelona. (On-line PhD Thesis) (http://www.tdx.cat/TDX-0112110-111917) ISBN: B.11472-2010 / 978-84-692-9975-3
  • PADILLA, José Ignacio; ÁLVARO, Karen; TRAVÉ, Esther (2008): “Un modelo de producción en gruta: el Alfar de Cabrera d’Anoia, Barcelona”, Munibe (Antropologia / Arkeologia). 59. Sociedad de Ciencias de Aranzadi, San Sebastián, pp. 251 – 272.

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