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Kirsty Norman

  • MA, Managing Archaeological Sites
  • Honorary Lecturer, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • Course Co-ordinator: ARCLG233 Applied Heritage Management 
  • Member of the International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM)
  • Accredited Archaeological Conservator, UK Institute for Conservation (ICON)
  • Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society (RAS)

Research Interests

  • Consultation and participatory planning in heritage/site management.
  • Capacity building in site management planning, conservation, interpretation and World Heritage policy.
  • Objects recording and conservation.
  • Site recording and conservation.
  • Conservation Area policy, appraisal and management, England.
  • Archaeology and heritage management, Turkey, Iraq and the Arabian Gulf.
  • Ethical standards in archaeology and heritage management.
  • Illicit antiquities: looting, effects on cultural heritage.

Current Projects

  • Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Ltd: editing the Hadrian’s Wall Management Plan
  • Sunderland and South Tyneside City Councils: upgrading the Nomination Document and Management Plan for Wearmouth and Jarrow World Heritage Candidate Site
  • DCMS: report on national responses to DCMS consultation “A Future for World Heritage”
  • The Ancient Merv Project, UCL: coordination of the WHS Management Plan, Ancient Merv, Turkmenistan
  •  EU/Council of Europe: Support to Cultural Diversity Project (PCDK), Kosovo

Research Directory

Educational Background

  • 2004 - 2006 MA Managing Archaeological Sites, University College London.
  • 1984 Certificate of Archaeological Conservation, Museums Association, London.
  • 1978 BA Greek, Roman and Chinese Civilisation, Durham University, UK.

Professional History

  • 2008-present: Project Manager and Principal Consultant, Heritage Management, Centre for Applied Archaeology, UCL
  • 2008-9: Teaching Assistant, Managing Archaeological Sites, Institute of Archaeology UCL
  • 2007: Management planning for Ancient Merv World Heritage Site.
  • 2004-2006: MA Managing Archaeological Sites, Institute of Archaeology, UCL.
  • 1993-2003: UNESCO Consultant in archaeological conservation and collections management, Museum of Islamic Art, Kuwait, and UNROP (Return of Property) team member representing Kuwait National Museum, in Baghdad.
  • 1986-2003: Field and museum conservation projects in Bahrain, the UAE, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait and Hong Kong.
  • 1986-1988: Conservator, British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara (BIAA), Turkey
  • 1978-1986 Archaeological Conservator, The British Museum.
  • Norman, K. (2010) The Role of the Student Researcher: Notes from Hadrian’s Wall. Archaeologies (6) 3. World Archaeological Congress Inter-Congress, May 20-27, 2007: Kingston, Jamaica. USA: Altamira Press.
  • Norman, K. (2010) Participatory planning on two major heritage sites in the north of England. Conference proceedings: Promoting public participation in archaeology: Symposium for archaeological sites preservation and cultural parks operation. Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, Taiwan. 39-78
  • Norman, K. (2009) World Heritage for the Nation: Identifying, Protecting and Promoting our World Heritage: Analysis of responses to the policy review. DCMS Report. UK, Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
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  • Norman, K. (2006) Examination and analysis of the Tentative List reviews for England, the Crown Dependencies, and the Overseas Territories, 1990-92 and 1997-99. English Heritage Briefing Paper. London, English Heritage.
  • Norman, K. (2006) The restoration and faking of Islamic ceramics, in Watson, O. Ceramics from Islamic Lands. London: Thames and Hudson.
  • Connan, J., Carter, R., Crawford,H., Tobey, M., Charrie´-Duhaut, A., Jarvie, D., Albrecht, P. and Norman, K. (2005) A comparative geochemical study of bituminous boat remains from H3, As-Sabiyah (Kuwait), and RJ-2, Ra’s al-Jinz (Oman). Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy (16) 21–66. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
  • Norman, K. (2000) The Retrieval of Kuwait National Museum’s Collections from Iraq: An Assessment of the Operation and Lessons Learned. Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (39). Washington: American Institute for Conservation. 135-146
  • Norman, K. (1998) The collecting, restoring and faking of 'Archaic' Italian maiolicas in the early 20th century. Preprints of the ICOM-CC Ceramics and Glass Working Group Meeting, Helsinki, 1998
  • Norman, K. (1997) The Invasion of Kuwait, and the subsequent recovery of its National Museum - A conservator's view. Museum Management and Curatorship (16) 2. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. 180-191
  • Fisher, P. and Norman, K. (1987) A new approach to the reconstruction of two Anglo-Saxon glass claw beakers. Studies in Conservation (32) 2, May 1987. London: International Institute for Conservation. 49-58 In press:
  • Norman, K. Local, regional or international? The role of UNESCO World Heritage in changing local perceptions of the value of heritage in the North East of England. Conference of the European Archaeological Consilium (EAC) 2011, Ename, Belgium.
  • Norman, K. Should the UK be nominating more World Heritage Sites? Present Pasts, Institute of Archaeology, UCL.

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