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Sandra Martelli


After receiving my MSc in bioanthropology, early history and prehistory from the University of Zurich Switzerland, I came to UCL to study for my PhD in evolutionary anthropology, focussing on the evolution of the hominoid lumbar spine in relation to changes in locomotion from climbing to walking and running at the UCL Cell and developmental biology department. Following this, I accepted a position as postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Archaeology, working on Neanderthal hyoid and vocal tract anatomy. This project was associated with HANDTOMOUTH. I am currently working as anatomy teaching fellow for UCL life sciences and UCL medical school.

Research Interests

  • Martelli, S.A, and Steele, J. (2010) The reconstruction of Neanderthal hyoid position – a new approach using three-dimensional geometric morphometrics. To appear in American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 141: Suppl. 50: 165
  • Martelli, S.A., Serrurier, A. and Steele, J. (2010) 3D-morphometric and acoustic analysis of chimpanzee and human vocal tracts, and their use in the reconstruction of Neanderthal vocal tracts and their acoustic potential. In: A.D.M. Smith, M. Schouwstra, B. de Boer and K. Smith (eds.): The Evolution of Language, 8. World Scientific: New Jersey: 449-450
  • Martelli, S.A. and Schmid, P. (2003) Functional morphology of the lumbar spine in hominoids. Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg 243: 61-71
  • Häusler, M.F., Martelli, S.A. and Böni, T. (2002) Vertebrae numbers of the early hominid lumbar spine. Journal of Human Evolution 43: 621-643
  • Martelli, S.A. and Häusler, M.F. (2002) Vertebrae numbers of the early hominid lumbar spine. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 117: Suppl. 34: 107
  • Martelli, S.A. (2002) Die anthropologischen Untersuchungen des Knochenmaterials von Mesocco Coop. In B. Schmid-Sikimić: Eisenzeitlicher Bestattungsplatz im Brennpunkt zwischen Süd und Nord (Mesocco Coop (GR). Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie; 88. Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmBH: Bonn: 129-135. (Bioanthropological evaluation of the skeletal remains of Mesocco Coop. In B. Schmid-Sikimić: Mesocco Coop (GR): an iron age burial place in the focus between North and South)

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