Centre for Applied Archaeology

The Centre for Applied Archaeology (CAA), formerly the Institute’s Field Archaeology Unit, currently employs more than 60 core staff, the majority of which are located at the dedicated offices of its contracts division - Archaeology South East - at Portslade, near Brighton but some of which are based at the Institute, contributing to Institute teaching and research activities.

Lucy Allott Senior Archaeologist - Palaeobotany & Environment

Mark Atkinson Project Manager - Fieldwork & Survey

Gemma Ayton Archaeologist - Osteology

Jayne Brooks Office Manager

Liz Chambers Assistant Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Trista Clifford Archaeologist - Finds Management & Analysis

Rob Cole Archaeologist - Fieldwork & Survey

John Cook Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork & Geophysics

Rachel Cruse Archaeologist - Fieldwork & Buildings Archaeology

Mary-Ann Day Assistant Office Manager

Giles Dawkes Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Anna Doherty Senior Archaeologist - Roman & Prehistoric Ceramics

Catherine Douglas Assistant Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Adam Dyson Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Nicki Elphick Archaeologist - Archivist

Samantha Emery Assistant Office Manager

Trevor Ennis Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Mark Germany Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Kathy Grant Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Fiona Griffin Senior Archaeologist - Illustration & Design

Neil Griffin Project Manager - Fieldwork & Survey

Katya Harrow Senior Archaeologist - Buildings Archaeology

Diccon Hart Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Karine Le Hegarat Archaeologist - Palaeobotany

Ellen Heppell Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Ian Hogg Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Dylan Hopkinson Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Guy Hopkinson Archaeologist - Fieldwork & Database Development

Ron Humphrey Assistant Director - Historic Environment Services

Richard James Senior Archaeologist - Landscape Archaeology

Gai Jorayev Senior Archaeologist - Heritage Management

Kris Krawiec Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Andy Leonard Project Manager - Fieldwork & Survey

Andy Letch Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Andrew Lewsey Archaeologist - Buildings Archaeology

Andy Margetts Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Paul Mason Project Manager - Fieldwork & Survey

Lukasz Miciak Archaeologist - Fieldwork & Survey

Dawn Mooney Archaeologist - Palaeobotany & Environment

Darryl Palmer Assistant Director - Fieldwork & Survey

Dominic Perring Director

Lynsey Poole Assistant Office Manager

Matt Pope Research Fellow - Geoarchaeology & Palaeolithic Archaeology

Greg Priestley-Bell Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Elke Raemen Archaeologist - Finds Management & Analysis

Louise Rayner Assistant Director - Post-Excavation

Antonio Reis Assistant Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Chris Russel Archaeologist - Fieldwork & Survey

Justin Russell Senior Archaeologist - Illustration & CAD

Michael Shapland Senior Archaeologist - Buildings Archaeology

Lucy Sibun Senior Archaeologist - Forensic Archaeology

Adrian Scruby Project Manager - Fieldwork and Survey

Simon Stevens Senior Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Jim Stevenson Project Manager - Post-Excavation

Dan Swift Project Manager - Post-Excavation

Jon Sygrave Project Manager - Fieldwork & Survey

Vasilis Tsamis Senior Archaeologist - Survey

Gary Webster Archaeologist - Fieldwork

Amy Williamson Senior Archaeologist - Buildings Archaeology

Sarah Wolferstan Senior Archaeologist - Heritage Management

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