Andrew Bevan

Research Interests

  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Material culture and value
  • Mediterranean archaeology and history
  • Human settlement and landscape ecology
  • Archaeological survey and excavation methods

Research Directory Records

Educational Background

  • BA Ancient & Modern History (Oxford, 1995)
  • MA Archaeology (UCL, 1997)
  • PhD (UCL, 2001)


Journal Articles

  • Bevan, A. forthcoming. Mediterranean containerisation, Current Anthropology.
  • Li, X.J., Bevan, A., Martinón-Torres, M., Rehren, T., Cao, W., Xia, Y.and K. Zhao. forthcoming. Crossbows and imperial craft organisation: the bronze triggers of China’s Terracotta Army, Antiquity.
  • Martinón-Torres, M., Li, X., Bevan, A., Xia, Y.. Zhao, K. and T. Rehren forthcoming. Forty thousand arms for a single emperor: from chemical data to the labour organization behind the bronze arrows of the Terracotta Army, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (doi: 10.1007/s10816-012-9158-z or manuscript)
  • Baddeley, A., Turner, R., Mateu, J. and A. Bevan 2013. Hybrids of Gibbs point process models and their implementation, Journal of Statistical Software 55.11 (URL).
  • Bevan, A. and A. Wilson 2013. Models of settlement hierarchy based on partial evidence, Journal of Archaeological Science 40.5: 2415–2427. (doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2012.12.025 or manuscript).
  • Bevan, A., Jobbová, E., Helmke, C. and J. Awe 2013. Directional layouts in central lowland Maya settlement, Journal of Archaeological Science 40.5: 2373–2383. (doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2013.01.011 or manuscript).
  • Bevan, A., Conolly, J., Colledge, S., Frederick, C., Palmer, C., Siddall, R. and Stellatou, A. 2013. The long-term ecology of agricultural terraces and enclosed fields from Antikythera, Greece, Human Ecology 41.2: 255-272 (doi: 10.1007/s10745-012-9552-x or manuscript).
  • Bevan, A., Conolly, J., Hennig, C., Johnston, A., Quercia, A., Spencer, L. and J. Vroom. 2013. Measuring chronological uncertainty in intensive survey finds. A case study from Antikythera, Greece, Archaeometry 55.2: 312–328. (doi:10.1111/j.1475-4754.2012.00674.x or eprint)
  • Pryce, O.T., Bevan, A., Ciarla, R., Rispoli, F., Castillo, C., Hassett, B. and J.L. Malakie 2013. Intensive archaeological survey in southeast Asia: methodological and metallurgical insights from Khao Sai On, central Thailand, Asian Perspectives 50.1: 53-69 (manuscript).
  • Zhang, H., Bevan, A. and Guo, D., 2013. The Neolithic ceremonial complex at Niuheliang and wider Hongshan landscapes in north-eastern China, Journal of World Prehistory 26.1: 1-24 (eprint).
  • Johnston, A., Quercia, A., Tsaravopoulos, A., Bevan, A. and J. Conolly, 2012. Pots, piracy and Aegila. Hellenistic ceramics from an intensive survey of Antikythera, Greece, Annual of the British School at Athens 107: 247-272. (doi: 10.1017/S0068245412000019 or eprint).
  • Bevan, A. 2012. Spatial methods for analysing large-scale artefact inventories, Antiquity 86.332: 492-506. (URL or eprint)
  • Bevan, A. and J. Conolly 2012. Intensive survey data from Antikythera, Greece, Journal of Open Archaeology Data 1.1 (doi:10.5334/4f3bcb3f7f21d).
  • Quercia, A., Johnston, A., Bevan, A., Conolly, J. and A. Tsaravopoulos 2011. Roman pottery from an intensive survey of Antikythera, Greece, Annual of the British School at Athens 106: 47-98 (doi: 10.1017/S0068245411000037 or eprint).
  • Martinón-Torres, M. Li, X., Bevan, A., Xia, Y., Kun, Z. and T. Rehren 2011. Making weapons for the Terracotta Army, Archaeology International 13-14: 65-67 (doi: 10.5334/ai.1316).
  • Markofsky, S. and Bevan, A. 2011. Directional analysis of surface artefact distributions. A case study from the Murghab Delta, Turkmenistan, Journal of Archaeological Science 39.2: 428-439 (doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2011.09.031).
  • Bevan, A. and Conolly, J. 2011. Terraced fields and Mediterranean landscape structure: an analytical case study from Antikythera, Greece, Ecological Modelling 222: 1303–1314 (doi: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2010.12.016).
  • Pentedeka, A., Kiriatzi, E., Spencer, L., Bevan, A. and J. Conolly 2010. From fabrics to island connections: macroscopic and microscopic approaches to the prehistoric pottery of Antikythera, Annual of the British School at Athens 105: 1-81 (doi:10.1017/S0068245400000368 or eprint).
  • Bevan, A. 2010. Political geography and palatial Crete, Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 23.1: 27-54 (doi:10.1558/jmea.v23i1.27).
  • Zhang, H., Bevan, A., Fuller, D., Fang, Y. 2010. Archaeobotanical and GIS-based approaches to prehistoric agriculture in the Upper Ying valley, Henan, China. Journal of Archaeological Science 37.7: 1480–1489 (doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2010.01.008 or eprint).
  • Palmer, C., Colledge, S., Bevan, A., Conolly, J. 2010. Vegetation recolonisation of abandoned agricultural terraces on Antikythera, Greece, Environmental Archaeology 15.1: 64-80 (doi: 10.1179/146141010X12640787648973 or eprint).
  • Crema, E., Bevan, A., Lake, M. 2010. A probabilistic framework for assessing spatio-temporal point patterns in the archaeological record, Journal of Archaeological Science 37.5: 1118–1130 (doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2009.12.012 or eprint).
  • Bevan, A. and Conolly, J. 2009. Modelling spatial heterogeneity and nonstationarity in artifact-rich landscapes, Journal of Archaeological Science 36.4: 956-964 (doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2008.11.023 or eprint).
  • Bevan, A., Conolly, J. and A. Tsaravopoulos 2008. The fragile communities of Antikythera, Archaeology International 10: 32-36 (doi: 10.5334/ai.1007).
  • Bevan, A. and Conolly, J. 2004. GIS, archaeological survey and landscape archaeology on the Island of Kythera, Greece, Journal of Field Archaeology 29: 123-138 (doi: 10.2307/3181488 or eprint).
  • Bevan, A., Frederick, C. and Krahtopoulou, N. 2003. A digital Mediterranean countryside: GIS approaches to the spatial structure of the post-Medieval landscape on Kythera (Greece), Archaeologia e Calcolatori 14: 217-236. (URL or eprint).
  • Bevan, A., Kiriatzi, E., Knappett, C., Kappa, E. and Papachristou, S. 2002. Excavation of Neopalatial deposits at Tholos (Kastri), Kythera, Annual of the British School at Athens 97: 55-96 (doi: 10.1017/S0068245400000368).
  • Bevan, A., 2002. The rural landscape of Neopalatial Kythera: a GIS perspective, Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 15.2: 217-256 (doi: 10.1558/jmea.v15i2.217)

Book Chapters

  • Bevan, A. and E. Bloxam forthcoming. Stonemasons and craft mobility in the Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean, in Kiriatzi, E. and C. Knappett (eds.) Technological Mobilities: Perspectives from the Eastern Mediterranean (Neolithic-Bronze Age), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Malakie, J. and A. Bevan forthcoming. Spatial analysis of an early port city, in B. Bellina (ed.) Khao Sam Kaeo. An Early Industrial Port City between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, Turnhout: Brepols.
  • Costa, S., Beck, A., Bevan, A. and J. Ogden. forthcoming. Defining and advocating Open Data in archaeology, Computer Applications in Archaeology 2012: 449-456. (manuscript).
  • Bevan, A., forthcoming. Travel and interaction in the Greek and Roman world. A review of some computational modelling approaches, in Dunn, S. and S. Mahoney (eds.) Digital Classicist, London: Wiley-Blackwell (Supplement Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies). (manuscript).
  • Bevan, A., Li, X., Martinón-Torres, M. and T. Rehren forthcoming. Some thoughts on the quantitative spatial analysis of metallurgical and other craft activities, Proceedings of the Conference on Qin Metallurgy (in Chinese).
  • Li, X., Martinón-Torres, M., Xia, Y.. Zhao, K., Bevan, A. and T. Rehren forthcoming. Tool marks under SEM: inscriptions, and the filing and grinding marks on the Qin bronze weapons made for the Qin Terracotta Warriors, Proceedings of the Conference on Qin Metallurgy (in Chinese).
  • Martinón-Torres, M., Li, X., Bevan, A., Xia, Y.. Zhao, K. and T. Rehren forthcoming. Making weapons for the First Emperor: archaeometallurgical analyses of bronze weapons from the Terracotta Army, Proceedings of the Conference on Qin Metallurgy (in Chinese).
  • Bevan, A. and M. Lake. 2013. Introduction: archaeological inferences and computational spaces, in Bevan, A. and Lake, M. (eds.), Computational Approaches to Archaeological Spaces: 17-26. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press (manuscript).
  • Bevan, A., Crema, E., Li, X. and Palmisano, A. 2013. Intensities, interactions and uncertainties: some new approaches to archaeological distributions, in Bevan, A. and Lake, M. (eds.), Computational Approaches to Archaeological Spaces: 27-51. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press (manuscript).
  • Bevan, A. 2012. Value, authority and the open society. Some implications for digital and online archaeology, in Bonacchi, C. (ed.) Archaeology and Digital Communication: Towards Strategies of Public Engagement: 1-14. London: Archetype. (eprint).
  • Bevan, A. 2011. Computational models for understanding movement and territory, in Mayoral Herrera, V. and S. Celestino Pérez (eds.), Tecnologías de Información Geográfica y Análisis Arqueológico del Territorio: 383-394. Mérida: Anejos de Archivo Español de Arqueología. (manuscript).
  • Bevan, A. 2010. Making and marking relationships: Bronze Age brandings and Mediterranean commodities, in Bevan, A. and Wengrow, D. (eds.) Cultures of Commodity Branding. 35-85. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.
  • Bevan, A. and Conolly, J. 2006. Multi-scalar approaches to settlement pattern analysis, in Lock, G. and Molyneaux B. (eds.) Confronting Scale in Archaeology: Issues of Theory and Practice: 217-234. New York: Springer (doi: 10.1007/0-387-32773-8_15).
  • Bevan, A., 2004. Emerging civilized values? The consumption and imitation of Egyptian stone vessels in EMII-MMI Crete and its wider eastern Mediterranean context, in Barrett, J.C. and Halstead, P. (eds.) The Emergence of Civilisation Revisited: 107-126, Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press.
  • Bevan, A., 2003. Reconstructing the role of Egyptian culture in the value regimes of the Bronze Age Aegean: stone vessels and their social contexts, in Matthews, R. and C. Roemer (eds.), Ancient Perspectives on Egypt: 57-73. London: UCL Press.

Magazine Articles, Reports, Reviews and Orphans

  • Bevan, A. 2011. Review of Landscapes through a Lens. Aerial Photographs and Historic Environment (Cowley, Standring and Abicht eds.), Archaeological Prospection 19.1: 71-73 (doi: 10.1002/arp.428 or eprint).
  • Bevan, A. 2011. Review of Globalizations and the Ancient World (J. Jennings),Journal of Anthropological Research 67.4: 612-14 (doi:2027/spo.0521004.0067.405).
  • Bevan, A. 2010. Review of New Approaches to Old Stones. Recent Studies of Ground Stone Artifacts (2008, Rowan, Y.M. and J.R. Ebeling, eds.) and Assyrian Stone Vessels and Related Material in the British Museum (2008, Searight, A., Reade, J. and Finkel, I.), American Journal of Archaeology 114.1 (URL or eprint).
  • Bevan, A. 2009. Review of Between Venice and Istanbul. Colonial Landscapes in Early Modern Greece (2007, Davies, S. and Davis, J.L. eds.), Landscape History 30.2.
  • Bevan, A., 2004. Wood-worked and metal-shocked: softstone vessels in the Bronze and early Iron Age eastern Mediterranean (originally accepted for a BAR edited volume Softstone in Arabia and Iran, final publication whereabouts unknown; (eprint)
  • Helmke, C., Bevan, A. and Awe, J. 2004. Living along the Roaring Creek. A Maya settlement landscape, Current World Archaeology 4: 110-116 (pdf, with permission).
  • Bell, T. and Bevan, A. 2004. A Survey of GIS Standards for the English Archaeological Record Community, Report Commissioned by English Heritage (eprint).
  • Bevan, A., 2002-3. Value regimes and the consumption of exotic stone vessels in the Late Bronze Age Aegean, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 46. 217-218 (eprint).
  • Bevan, A., 2002. Digitally-assisted surface survey, (originally accepted for an edited volume, Practical Archaeology, final publication whereabouts unknown;eprint).

Digital Archives and Webpages

  • Bevan, A. and Conolly, J. 2012. The Antikythera Survey Project (ADS Collection 1115; doi: 10.5284/1012484)
  • Bevan, A., Conolly, J. and Tsaravopoulos, A. 2007 The Antikythera Survey Project (website and data archive)
  • Bevan, A. and Conolly, J. 2001. Geographic Information Systems/Science, part of The Kythera Island Project (website)

Current Students

  • Tessa Dickinson Egyptian Royal tombs in the Early Third Millenium BC (joint supervision with David Jeffreys)
  • Eva Jobbova Long-term relationship between Maya Society and the local environment: Spatial and Epigraphic Approaches (joint supervision with Elizabeth Graham)
  • Alessio Palmisano Computational and spatial Approaches to the commercial landscapes and political geography of the Old Assyrian coloney (second supervisor Mark Altaweel)
  • Marina Milic Network dynamics of late Neolithic communities in the western Anatolia, the Balkans and the Mediterranean: a social and spatial approach through analysis of obsidian exchange (joint supervision with Cyprian Broodbank)
  • Denitsa Nenova Social and cultural dynamics in Thrace during the Late Bronze Age (joint supervision with Cyprian Broodbank)
  • Michele Massa Networks of interaction in EBA Anatolia (joint supervision with Cyprian Broodbank)
  • Carl Walsh Techniques of the body and the transmission of courtly lifestyles in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean (joint supervision with David Wengrow)

Recently completed students

  • Lesley Bushnell The socio-economic implications of the distrubition of juglets in the eastern Mediterranean during the Middle and Late Bronze Ages (second supervisor Todd Whitelaw)
  • Enrico Crema Evolutionary models of settlement and subsistence pattern amongst the complex Hunter-Gatherers of Temperate Northern Pacific (joint principal supervisor with Mark Lake)
  • Adi Keinan Archaeological inventories, GIS and Conflicting Cultures in the Occipied West Bank (joint supervision with Tim Williams)
  • Janice (Xiuzhen) Li Defining and Interpreting Specialization and Standardization: the Bronze Weapons of the Terra-cotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty,China (joint supervision with Marcos Martinon-Torres, second supervisor Thilo Rehren)
  • Steven Markofsky (2010): Illuminating the Black Sands: Survey and Settlement in the Bronze Age Murghab Delta, Turkmenistan (joint supervision with Tim Williams)
  • Margarita Nazou Pottery, identity and sociocultural relationships in  Attica and the surrounding islands (Euboea, the Northern Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf) during the Final Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age (joint principal supervisors Todd Whitelaw and Cyprian Broodbank)
  • Melina Smirniou Investigation of Late Bronze Age primary glass production in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean (principal supervisor Thilo Rehren)
  • Stone Vessels and Values in the Bronze Age Mediterranean
  • Cultures of Commodity Branding
  • Mediterranean Islands, Fragile Communities and Persistent Landscapes: Antikythera in Long-term Perspective
  • Computational Approaches to Archaeological Spaces

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