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  • A

Georgios Alexopoulos PhD Teaching Fellow in Heritage and Museum Studies
Cultural heritage studies and management; museology and heritage tourism; public archaeology and qualitative research.

Marilena Alivizatou PhD Senior Research Associate
Cultural heritage and critical museology; intangible heritage; participatory and relational museology; museum and heritage ethnography; heritage and development.

Mark Altaweel PhD Reader in Near East Archaeology
Mesopotamian history and archaeology; GIS; complex systems; agent-based modelling.

Manuel Arroyo-Kalin PhD Lecturer in Geoarchaeology
Historical ecology; Landscape history; South American pre-Columbian history and archaeology.

  • B

Andrew Bevan PhD Professor of Spatial and Comparative Archaeology
GIS applications; landscape survey; value theory; the Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean.

Chiara Bonacchi PhD AHRC Researcher Co-Investigator
Public archaeology; digital heritage and museum studies; cultural policy; medieval archaeology in the Mediterranean; archaeology and heritage of the built environment.

Esther Breithoff PhD AHRC Research Associate
Material culture of conflict; post-conflict landscapes; archaeologies of the contemporary past; heritage and museum studies.

Martin Bridge PhD Lecturer in Dendrochronology
Dendrochronology; use of living trees and historical timbers to aid analyses; responses of trees to environmental change; investigation of methodologies for tree ring dating.

Stuart Brookes PhD Leverhulme Trust Research Associate
Anglo-Saxon archaeology; geographical approaches to state formation; the development of towns, particularly ports and strongholds; phenomenological approaches to landscape.

Beverley Butler PhD Reader in Cultural Heritage 
Cultural heritage, museum studies: cultural rights; heritage myth and memory; maritime and museum history; landscape; cultural revivalism; Alexandrian and Egyptian cultural heritage.

  • C

Sirio Canós Donnay PhD Teaching Fellow in African Archaeology
African archaeology; states and empires; historical landscapes; oral traditions.

Cristina Castillo PhD NERC Research Associate
Archaeobotany of South-East Asia; urbanism; political, economic and social landscape of Peninsular Thailand.

Kunlong Chen PhD Newton International Fellow
Scientific analysis and technological research on archaeological materials, mainly focusing on technology of Chinese Bronze Age Metallurgy and its social impacts.

  • D

Nelis Drost PhD ERC Research Associate
Mathematical modelling; GIS; Spatial ecology; Computational simulations; Nonlinear Dynamics, Stochastic and Complex Systems.

  • E

Kevan Edinborough PhD Leverhulme Trust Research Associate
Palaeolithic and Neolithic archaeology; radiocarbon dating; archaeological theory; cultural evolution; landscape and environmental archaeology.

Marija Edinborough PhD Marie Cure Research Fellow
Study of human skeletal remains; dental anthropology; archaeology of Mesolithic-Neolithic hunter-gatherers from the Danube Gorges, and ancient Roman provincial populations from Serbia.

Gersande Eschenbrenner-Diemer PhD Marie Cure Research Fellow
Egyptian art and archaeology; ancient Egyptian ritual and religion; material culture especially wooden artefacts.

  • F

Corisande Fenwick PhD Lecturer in Mediterranean Archaeology
Roman, Late Antique & Islamic archaeology; North Africa and Mediterranean archaeology; Empires & Imperialism; Landscape studies.

Ian Freestone PhD Professor of Archaeological Materials and Technology
Early materials and technology; application of scientific methods to the investigation of artifacts and their interpretation.

Jennifer French PhD Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow
Demographic, cultural, and environmental change in European Late Middle (Neanderthal) and Upper Palaeolithic (Homo sapiens) populations; past human adaptations to changing climatic and social conditions.

Dorian Fuller PhD Professor of Archaeobotany
Archaeobotany; origins and Spread of Agriculture; Plant domestication; later Prehistory/ Protohistory of South Asia, including Neolithic and Chalcolithic cultures of India, rise and fall of Harappan Civilisation; archaeology of Nubia and Sudan.

  • G

Jane S. Gaastra PhD ERC Research Associate
Archaeological Sciences; Balkan prehistory; Mediterannean prehistory; Zooarchaeology.

Andrew Gardner PhD Senior Lecturer in the Archaeology of the Roman Empire
Archaeology of the Roman world and early Medieval Europe; social theory in archaeology; approaches to violence and warfare in past societies.

Andrew Garrard PhD Reader in Early Prehistory
Early prehistory of Western Asia; behavioural changes relating to the origin of modern humans; origins of cultivation and pastoralism; palaeoenvironmental reconstruction; faunal analysis.

Elizabeth Graham PhD Professor of Meosamerican Archaeology
Maya archaeology; urban environmental impact in the humid tropics; coastal trade; religion and iconography in Colonial Mesoamerica; ecotourism and development. Research areas: Belize, Cuba.

  • H

James Hales BSc Senior Teaching Fellow in Conservation
Assessment of the problems of bats in churches.

Sue Hamilton PhD Professor of Prehistory and Director of the Institute of Archaeology
European prehistory, particularly first millennium BC; technological analysis of prehistoric pottery; landscape archaeology.

Rodney Harrison PhD Professor of Heritage Studies
Archaeology and colonialism; global heritage; archaeology of the contemporary past.

Simon Hillson PhD Professor of Bioarchaeology
Bioarchaeology, dental anthropology and dental palaeopathology.

Matilda Holmes PhD Teaching Fellow in Zooarchaeology
Animals as Cultural Indicators; Domestic Livestock Improvement 1300-1800; Archaeozoology of Saxon, medieval and post medieval sites from southern England.

  • J

Gai Jorayev PhD Heritage Management Consultant, Project Manager and Researcher, Centre for Applied Archaeology
Cultural heritage management; public archaeology; archaeology of Central Asia.

  • K

Eleanor Kingwell-Banham PhD ERC Research Associate
Archaeobotany; early agriculture; identification of cultivation systems; phytolith analysis; plant use.

Marta Krzyzanska MSc AHRC Research Assistant
Application of digital technologies in archaeology and cultural heritage; Data analysis and database management.

  • L

Stuart Laidlaw SSA Photographer
The importance of photography, by conventional or digital methods, within archaeological recording.

Mark Lake PhD Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Development and use of quantitative and computational methods for studying the past, especially agent-based computer simulation, geographical information systems and those drawing on aspects of Darwinian evolutionary theory and complexity theory.

Borja Legarra Herrero PhD Teaching Fellow in Mediterranean Archaeology
Socio-political change in the Mediterranean, 5th - 1st Millennia BC; State formation on Bronze Age Crete; Landscape archaeology and survey methods; GIS.

Kris Lockyear PhD Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Late Iron Age and Roman archaeology, including numismatics; East European (especially Romanian) history and archaeology; ethnicity and nationalism; field methods; statistics in archaeology; typesetting and publication.

  • M

Kevin MacDonald PhD Professor of African Archaeology
History and Prehistory of the Peoples of West Africa (including the Diaspora).

Richard Macphail PhD Senior Research Fellow
Soil micromorphology of archaeological soils and sediments.

Sébastien Manem PhD ERC Research Associate
European Bronze Age cultures; Cultural and technological evolution; Anthropology of technology

Louise Martin PhD Reader in Zooarchaeology
The role of animals in past societies, focusing on prehistoric western Asia.

Marcos Martinón-Torres PhD Professor of Archaeological Science
Archaeological science and material culture.

Sarah May PhD AHRC Research Associate
Historical archaeology; landscape archaeology; cultural heritage; public archaeology; digital archaeology.

John Merkel PhD Lecturer in Conservation and Materials Science
Archaeometallurgy; conservation of metal artefacts; early metallurgical processes and sites in the Near East, Europe and South America.

Gabriel Moshenska PhD Senior Lecturer in Public Archaeology
Archaeology, anthropology and history of modern conflict; community archaeology; public archaeology; history and philosophy of archaeology.

Theano Moussouri PhD Senior Lecturer in Museum Studies
Understanding museum audiences; free-choice learning; parent-child learning; use of qualitative methods to study learning.

Charlene Murphy PhD ERC Research Associate
Origins and Spread of Agriculture; Archaeobotany; Environmental Archaeology.

  • N

Claudia Naeser DPhil Teaching Fellow in Egyptian Archaeology
Archaeology in Egypt and Nubia from prehistory to Islam, funerary archaeology, the social and political dimensions of archaeological practice.

  • O

Caitlin O'Grady PhD Lecturer in Conservation
Art conservation, conservation education and science, disaster response and collection survey, analysis and conservation of Maya wall paintings, ceramics.

José Oliver PhD Reader in Latin American Archaeology
Complex 'chiefdom' societies in the Caribbean and South America; origins of agriculture and paleoeconomic systems in the South American Neotropical Forests; symbolism, iconography, power and ceremonial centers in the Caribbean and South American Lowlands.

  • P

Alessio Palmisano PhD Leverhulme Trust Research Associate
Archaeology of Upper Mesopotamia and Central Anatolia; Spatial Entropy Modelling; GIS.

Simon Parfitt BSc Principal Research Associate
Vertebrate archaeozoology; Pleistocene and Palaeolithic archaeology of Western Europe, North Africa, Southern Russia and the Caucasus; Vertebrate taphonomy.

Mike Parker Pearson PhD Professor of British Later Prehistory
Prehistoric Britain and Europe in the 1st millennia BC and AD; Funerary archaeology; Public archaeology and heritage; Ethnoarchaeology and material culture.

Sefryn Penrose DPhil AHRC Research Associate
Archaeological Theory; Historic Landscapes; Archaeologies of Deindustrialisation; Cultural Heritage.

Dominic Perring PhD Centre of Applied Archaeology/Archaeology South-East, Director
Origins and nature of urban society; Roman town planning and domestic architecture; cultural resource management in the UK and Middle East; archaeological method and theory.

Renata Peters PhD Lecturer in Conservation of Archaeological Artefacts
Collections originating from Indigenous Peoples from the Americas; development; ethics and politics of conservation; investigative conservation; public outreach; fossils; lithics; plant materials and waxes.

Matthew Pope PhD Principal Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow in Palaeolithic Archaeology
Lithic technology and taphonomy; early human use of space; palaeolithic hunting strategies and social organization; Early Upper Palaeolithic colonisation of northern Europe.

  • Q

Patrick Quinn PhD Senior Research Associate in Ceramic Petrography
Materials Analysis; Ceramic Petrography; Prehistoric Mediterranean; California Archaeology; Consultancy.

Stephen Quirke PhD Professor of Egyptology and Petrie Museum Curator
History of state/institutionalisation; Gender; Egyptian language; Museology; Ethics in archaeology and anthropology.

  • R

Carolyn Rando PhD Teaching Fellow in Forensic Archaeological Science
Bioarchaeology and Biological Anthropology; Forensic Anthropology; Bioarchaeology of Japan; Dental Anthropology.

Hazel Reade PhD ERC Research Associate
Stable isotope and trace element analysis in palaeoenvironmental research; palaeoclimate reconstruction; isotopic analysis of skeletal remains.

Thilo Rehren Professor of Archaeological Materials and Technology
Archaeological Materials and Technology.

Andrew Reid PhD Senior Lecturer in Eastern African Archaeology
Archaeology of Eastern and Southern Africa; Livestock and Complex Societies; Historical Archaeology.

Andrew Reynolds PhD Professor of Medieval Archaeology
Early medieval archaeology of north-western Europe; archaeology of standing buildings; methodologies employed in archaeology of documented periods.

Philip Riris PhD Leverhulme Trust Research Associate
Pre-Columbian technological systems; landscape use in northern Argentina; computational modelling, simulation-based approaches to spatial analysis and spatial statistics.

Corinna Riva PhD Senior Lecturer in Mediterranean Archaeology
Pre-Roman Italy and the central Mediterranean; east-west interaction and comparative archaeology of the 1st-millennium BC Mediterranean; theoretical approaches to cultural contact; Mediterranean 'marginal' landscapes and connectivity; archaeological survey and settlement studies.

Mark Roberts BA Principal Research Fellow
Palaeolithic southern Britain; excavation of Boxgrove, West Sussex.

  • S

Tim Schadla-Hall MA Reader in Public Archaeology
Public archaeology; museums management; archaeology and the law; illicit antiquities; country houses; the early mesolithic in NW Europe.

Peter Schauer PhD Leverhulme Trust Research Associate
Processes of cultural evolution; human behavioural ecology; cultural transmission theory and the neutral model; mathematical modelling; databases.

Julia Shaw PhD Lecturer in South Asian Archaeology
South Asian archaeology and art; ancient Indian religions; theories of religious and economic change; state formation and urbanisation; ancient irrigation and water management; politics of archaeology; landscape archaeology.

Stephen Shennan PhD Professor of Theoretical Archaeology
Archaeological theory; European Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Bill Sillar PhD Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Archaeology and ethnography of the Andes; ceramics; material culture and technology.

Ulrike Sommer PhD Senior Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology
Neolithic of Europe; History of Archaeology; Lithic technology.

Rachael Sparks PhD Senior Lecturer/Keeper of Museum Collections
Near Eastern archaeology; cultural interaction between Egypt and the Levant; material culture studies; Flinders Petrie in Palestine.

James Steele PhD Professor of Archaeology
Evolution of speech and tool use; modelling of diffusion processes; cognitive mechanisms underlying both language processing and action recognition.

Chris Stevens PhD ERC Research Associate
Environmental archaeology; agricultural eco-systems and domestication processes.

Rhiannon Stevens DPhil ERC Senior Research Associate
Influence of climate on past human societies and the interaction of humans with their environment; reconstructing the diet of past human and animal population through biomolecular techniques; isotope analyses; palaeolithic archaeology.

Alice Stevenson PhD Senior Lecturer in Museum Studies
Museum collections and archives; histories of museums; Egyptian archaeology; burial rituals, social identities; long-distance exchange and material engagement. 

Dean Sully PhD Lecturer in Conservation
Conservation of organic materials; the Gresham Ship Project.

  • T

Jeremy Tanner PhD Professor of Classical and Comparative Art
Greek and Roman art and architecture; sociology of art; art theory and criticism; comparative historical studies of art and religion.

Ignacio de la Torre PhD Professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology
Lithic technology; site formation processes; Palaeolithic archaeology; hunter-gatherers.

Jennifer Tripp PhD ERC Research Associate
Archaeological chemistry; radiocarbon dating; archaeology of Palaeolithic Europe; statistical analysis.

Kathryn Tubb BA Conservator/Lecturer in Cultural Heritage
Archaeological conservation and the trade in cultural heritage.

  • V

Marc Vander Linden PhD ERC Senior Research Associate
Spatial and temporal variation of material culture in Later European Prehistory; radiocarbon chronology and the correlation of archaeology and linguistics.

  • W

Alison Weisskopf PhD NERC Research Associate
Archaeobotany, specialising in phytolith research with a focus on the development of agricultural systems and data analysis in phytolith research; Asian archaeology.

David Wengrow DPhil Professor of Comparative Archaeology
Comparative archaeology of the Middle East, North-East Africa, and Eastern Mediterranean; early state formation; cognitive and evolutionary approaches to culture; prehistoric art and aesthetics; intellectual and social history of archaeology and anthropology.

Todd Whitelaw PhD Professor of Aegean Archaeology
Aegean archaeology; landscape archaeology; ethnoarchaeology; complex societies; ceramics.

Tim Williams Reader in Silk Roads Archaeology
Urbanism; recording & analysis of complex stratigraphy; integration of complex data sets; management of archaeological sites and cultural landscapes.

Michèle Wollstonecroft PhD Teaching Fellow in Environmental Archaeology
Hunter-gatherer archaeobotany; Dietary ecology; Ethnobotany; Iberian mesolithic, mesolithic-neolithic transition.

Sally Worrell MA Prehistoric and Roman Finds Advisor, Portable Antiquities Scheme
Prehistoric and Roman material culture.

Katherine Wright PhD Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Archaeology of the Levant and southern Anatolia; neolithic societies; trade and early urbanism; food processing and prehistoric diet; anthropological approaches to archaeology.

  • Z

Yijie Zhuang PhD Senior Lecturer in Chinese Archaeology
Geoarchaeology; Early Agriculture, Ecological Diversity and Landscape Change in the Early Neolithic of North China.

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