Hayley Simon

Characterising marine archaeological iron degradation and the efficacy of treatments to date: worth a shot?

My research project aims to assess the impact of conservation treatment on iron corrosion, through the analysis of a set of 1,248 cast iron shot from the shipwreck of Henry VIII’s flagship the Mary Rose. Having begun as a relatively uniform set, after excavation the shot were treated using a range of conservation methods and have been exposed to different environmental conditions.

Over the course of the PhD, the shot will be analysed with a combination of laboratory- and synchrotron-based methods to determine the corrosion phases present, the chlorine content and distribution, and corrosion rate post-conservation.

Funding organisation

  • EPSRC and Diamond Light Source

    Part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA CDT


 Educational background

  • MRes, Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology, UCL, 2016
  • MChem, Chemistry, University of Warwick, 2015

Simon, H.J., van Agthoven, M.A., Lam, P.Y., Floris, F., Chiron, L., Delsuc, M.-A., Rolando, C., Barrow, M.P., O’Connor, P.B., 2016. Uncoiling collagen: a multidimensional mass spectrometry study. Analyst 141, 157–165. doi:10.1039/C5AN01757B

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