Stuart Eve

Through Dead Men's Eyes: Augmented Reality, Embodied GIS and Open-Air Heritage Sites

My project uses Augmented and Mixed Reality techniques to explore a new approach to embodied GIS. By re-examining archaeological problems that have previously been approached using traditional GIS analysis, I will show that a Mixed Reality approach can give us new insights into the problem, as well as an innovative way to undertake a phenomenological analysis of archaeological sites. I am particularly interested in exploring the coincidence and deployment of new technologies with theoretical positions in contemporary landscape archaeology.

Funding organisation

  • AHRC


 Educational background

  • MSc (distinction) GIS and Spatial Analysis (UCL, 2003-2005 p/t)
  • BSc (1st class) Archaeology (UCL, 1997-2000)


Eve, S. (under review) 'Augmenting Phenomenology: Using Augmented Reality to aid Archaeological Phenomenology in the Landscape'. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.


Roued-Cunliffe, H & Eve, S. 'Cross-Border Data Sharing. A Case-Study in Interoperability and Web Services'. On the Road to Reconstructing the Past: Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Budapest, Hungary.


Eve, S. 'Digital Applications and New Media in Archaeological Practice and Management'.

Digital Heritage in the New Knowledge Environment: Shared Spaces and Open Paths to Cultural Content.

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Rabinowitz, A., Sedikova, L.V., Trelogan, J. & Eve, S. 'New methodologies at an Ancient Site: Digital Technology and Excavation in the Southern Region of Crimean Chersonesos, 2001-2006'. Археологїя (Archaeologia). Vol. 1


Eve, S., Rabinowitz, A. & Trelogan, J. 'Precision, Accuracy and the Fate of Data: Experiments in Site Recording at Chersonesos, Ukraine.' in Clark, J. T. & E. M. Hagemeister (eds) Digital Discovery. Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage. CAA2006. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology.


Cleere, C., Trelogan, J. & Eve, S. 2006 'Condition recording for the conservation and management of large, open-air sites: a pilot project at Chersonesos (Crimea, Ukraine).' Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites Vol. 8 (1).


Eve, S and Constable, C. 2005 'Wallpapers survive ordeal by fire'. The Wallpaper History Review 2004/5

Selected Papers and Conferences

'Using Digital Technology to Visualise the Past' Centre for Audio-Visual Studies and Practice in Archaeology Seminar Series. Invited Speaker.

Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods UK Chapter conference. UCL, London, 2010. Conference Organiser and Session Chair.

'Data Management Systems for Archaeological Excavations' Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods. Budapest, 2008. Session Chair.

'Web2.0, Mash-Ups and the Fate(s) of Fasti Online.' Delivered at 2007 Data Sans Frontières: web portals and the historic environment - The British Museum, London. Invited Speaker.

'The adventures of a digital dataset: a user-end examination of the practicalities of some on-line archaeological repositories.' Delivered at 2007 Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods. Berlin.

'Fasti Online' Delivered at 2005 Serving Archaeology Conference - UCL, London 28th May. Invited Speaker.

  • Project Workflow
  • Hadrian's Wall in AR view

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