Oliver Boles

Lasting Impressions: an archaeo-ecology of ephemeral pastoralist settlement in eastern Africa

My research looks at the how archaeological and ecological data can combine to improve our understanding of past settlement dynamics and landscape exploitation my mobile livestock herding societies in the semi-arid savannah of eastern Africa. Using a suite of geoarchaeological approaches, enamel isotope analysis and remote sensing, my work explores the nature of occupation at the Later Iron Age site of Mili Sita in central Kenya. Where the archaeology of mobility pastoralism frequently relies on poorly contextualised and disconnected distributions of material culture, my approach emphasises and provides spatial context with which to consider the state of pastoralist economies during a key phase in their development.

Funding organisation

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council


 Educational background

  • BA, Archaeology, UCL, 2010
  • MA, Archaeology, UCL, 2012

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