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Nelly (Eleanor) von Aderkas

Containing Commodities: Determining Organic Residues In Greek Painted Pottery

Nelly von Aderkas

Email: eleanor.vonaderkas.18@ucl.ac.uk
Section: Archaeological Sciences



My project is a collaborative PhD between UCL's Institute of Archaeology and the British Museum. I will investigate the uses of Greek decorated pottery vessels in the 8th - 4th century BC Mediterranean through organic residue analysis. I will develop a systematic interdisciplinary approach that combines organic residue analysis, the investigation of a vessel's excavation, collection and conservation history and the study of archaeological and textual evidence for its ancient use. Data will be collected to answer questions such as: Which commodities, if any, did decorated Greek ceramics contain? How were vessels used in different ancient socio-cultural contexts? To what extent does the collection, display and conservation history of the pottery affect its potential for scientific analysis?

I have worked for the past seven years in UK institutions conducting scientific research into historic paint materials and methods. I worked as a conservation scientist at Tate on modern paint surfaces. More recently I researched the painted decoration on Ancient Egyptian coffins at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. For the past five years I have worked in the National Gallery Scientific Department investigating the organic material (i.e. binding media) in Old Master paintings. I will apply this scientific methodology and conservation background to the organic residue analysis of Greek Pottery.




  • BSc, Chemistry with minor in Art History, McGill University, 2008
  • Dip Cons, Conservation of Easel Paintings, University of Cambridge, 2011

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