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Murray Andrews

Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c.973-1544 AD


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Section: World Archaeology


Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c.973-1544 AD

A total of 815 hoards containing medieval coins and other objects are known from England and Wales, yet fundamental dimensions of this evidence remain unexplored; who made them, what did they choose to put in them, where did they bury them and why did they deposit them in the first place? Drawing on a bespoke georeferenced database of hoard finds, this project investigates the archaeology of coin hoards deposited in England and Wales between c.973 and 1544 AD. Adopting an interdisciplinary conceptual and methodological framework, I seek to analyse the process of hoarding through its end products, integrating traditional numismatic analyses with the wider toolbox of landscape archaeology to explore the interplay of external and agent-level factors leading to hoard formation and deposition, 're-membering' numismatic evidence into discussions of wealth, power, identity, and belief in a corner of medieval Europe.




  • BSc Archaeology, UCL, 2012
  • MA Artefact Studies, UCL, 2013

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