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Kyle Lee Crossett

Vision and decision- making in archives and collections


Email: kyle.lee-crossett.14@ucl.ac.uk
Section: Heritage Studies



Vision and decision- making in archives and collections

My research investigates decision-making in archives and collections, particularly how 'difficult' or 'controversial' materials are identified and incorporated. I compare how difficult material is encountered across a wide range of collecting disciplines including archaeology, cultural heritage, and the natural sciences.

By studying examples of where collections struggle to include or hold onto material, my aims are to learn about how people respond to difference in this context, and to understand where diversity and inclusion become challenging.

My research will combine ethnographic methods along with a critical analysis of visions of the future in these settings. As a way of challenging our expectations of the role cultural repositories will play in the future, I also explore depictions of the transmissions of heritage in socially radical science fiction novels.

My work in heritage studies engages with areas of anthropology, archive studies, museum studies, queer theory, and social theory. My PhD is part of the Heritage Futures research project.


UCL Studentship


    • BA (Hons), Archaeology and English literature minor, Stanford University, 2013
    • MA (Distinction), Public Archaeology, UCL, 2015
    Conference papers

    Lee-Crossett, K. (2015) 'Queering the Centre: An archaeology of settlement, loss, and identity'. Paper Presentation at the Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Bradford University, 14-16 December