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Ikram Ghabriel

The Cult of Ptah in Thebes

Ikram Ghabriel

Email: ikram.ghabriel.15@ucl.ac.uk
Section: World Archaeology


The Cult of Ptah in Thebes

The research aims to identify the reasons for installing a cult for the main god of the northern capital (Memphis) in the southern capital (Thebes) of Egypt during the New Kingdom. It will also examine the mechanism and initiatives of establishing this new cult centre to discover the similarities/changes in god's identity and theology according to the transition of the geographical place of his cult. The particular interest of studying the archaeology of the cult of Ptah in the Theban region is to understand the relationship between cults of gods with different origins in the creation of national theology, the relationship between official cult in major temples and private cult of the same god in local chapels, and the people who practiced these cults.

On the Western bank of Thebes; Ptah had a cult in the funerary temples of Madinet Habu and Kom El-Hettan, along with a cult in the private chapels built by the workers of Deir El-Medina. The research will discover whether there was a relation between Ptah's cult on the East and West banks of Thebes or whether he had two separate forms of cult in the same city. The research will also study Ptah's iconography, epithets and hymns in the Theban royal and private tombs and the representations of the syncretic form of Ptah with other deities such as Ptah-Sokar and Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. The study will assemble full documentation of the monuments dedicated to Ptah which proved to have Theban provenance.


Newton-Mosharafa Fund


  • BSc (Hons), Tourism Guidance, Faculty of Tourism, Helwan University, 2009
  • MSc (Hons), Tourism Guidance, Faculty of Tourism, Helwan University, 2014. Thesis entitled 'Popular Votive Offerings to Ptah'