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  • A

Laura Adlington Investigation of technology, production and deterioration of medieval stained glass using handheld pXRF

Silvia Amicone From pottery to metal: tracing technological links of pyrotechnologies in the Vinča culture, Serbia

Leah Acheson Roberts How can contemporary sculpture be used to communicate archaeology in museums?

Murray Andrews Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c.973-1544 AD

Felipe Armstrong Bodies, Persons and Worlds: Approaching prehistoric and early historic anthropomorphic art of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Ciprian Astaloș Ground stones in the Neolithic of Western Romania

  • B

Meghan Banton Diarrhoea, Dysentery, and the Clap: Connecting the Soldiering Lifestyle to Literary and Skeletal Evidence of Reactive Arthritides Induced by Gastrointestinal and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Agnese Benzonelli Validation of Analytical Methods for a Non-Invasive Characterization of Natural and Artificial Patinas

Valentina Bernardi Impact of Agricultural Intensification and Population Expansion on the Health, Growth, and Disease of the Post-Meroitic and Late Medieval Upper Nubian Populations

Anna Bloxam Funerary Diversity across the British Chalcolithic

Lesley Blundell  Early human landscape use in North-west Europe

Oliver Boles Lasting Impressions: an archaeo-ecology of ephemeral pastoralist settlement in eastern Africa

Robert Briggs An interdisciplinary study of the significance of Old English -ingas in Anglo-Saxon society and culture, with special reference to place-names

Rose Broadley From Wics to monasteries and palaces: investigating Anglo-Saxon vessel glass from settlement contexts

Hannah Bullmore The Development of Domestic Architecture in Britain and Ireland, 4000 – 1400 BC

Andie Byrnes The development of early food producing economies in Egypt A comparative study

  • C

Yunci Cai Performing Cultures, Negotiating Identities: The Instrumentalisation of Indigenous Cultural Heritage in Malaysia

Raffaella Cecilia How do visually impaired visitors make meaning of the cognitive and embodied experiences of 3D & haptic technologies, and digital resources at museums’ exhibitions?

Julie Chang A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Chinese Lacquer Technology, through the investigation of Texts and Materials Evidence

Carol Lo-Yun Chung Art Museum as Learning Space: Theory and Practice of Taiwanese Art Museums

Rhiannon Comeau Land, people and power in early medieval Wales: the cantref of Cemais in comparative perspective

Catalina Contreras Mira Lithic technology and raw material economy in the steppe of Central-Western Patagonia

  • D

Rita Dal Martello Contact, influence and dispersal. An analysis of agriculture and cooking practices in Neolithic Yunnan and the diaspora of Upper Yangtze populations

Mark Dalton Early Bronze Age British Funerary Vessels: similarities and differences in manufacturing techniques and the socio-cultural implications

Sarah Dhanjal Is there a role for archaeology in diverse urban communities?

Melissa Dobson Intervertebral disc disease: its prevalence, distribution and relationship to other spinal pathology in two human skeletal populations from Chichester, England

Lindsay Duncan Changing scales of human impact and the role of archaeological deposits in the formation of the modern landscape: A case study at Marco Gonzalez, Ambergris Caye, Belize

  • E
  • F

Ana Franjić Iron Age Glass Technology in South East Europe

Kate Fulcher Colour in the New Kingdom Town: the technology of painted vernacular architecture at Amara West and Amarna

  • G

Carlotta Gardner Metalworking Crucibles in Roman Britain

Ikram Ghabriel The Cult of Ptah in Thebes

Jilke Golbach Reclaiming the Ruins of Modern Rome: the regeneration of industrial heritage sites in the ‘Eternal City’

Lara Gonzalez Carretero The genesis of bread cultures: a new archaeobotanical perspective on changing cuisine, cooking practices and use of special food as condiments at Neolithic Çatalhöyük

Jill Goulder The use of working donkeys and cattle in 4th- and 3rd-millennium BC Mesopotamia: social and economic impacts in the light of modern working-animal studies

Katharine Griffiths An investigation of gender in juvenile burials using dental morphometrics to assign biological sex

  • H

Stacy Hackner Bending Stress and Midshaft Shape Change in the Human Leg

James Hales Bats in churches: An objective assessment of perceived problems

Barney Harris Landscapes of Labour: A quantitative study of monument construction in North Wessex c. 4000-2000BC.

Emilie Hayter A Game of Stones: production, consumption and the social perception of architectural stone in Minoan Crete

Xosé Hermoso-Buxán Built Environment and Society in Iran from the Neolithic to the Iron Age: Insights from Spatial and Network Analysis

Cara Hirst Biomechanical adaptations of the human mandible in relation to dietary changes occurring over time

Sarah Hoile Death, Time and Commerce: innovation and conservatism in styles of funerary material culture in 18th-19th century London

Brian Hole The use of archaeology by Indigenous Tribes and the Nation State in India to reinforce and create national identities.

Shan Huang The Origin of White Porcelain in North China

  • I

Cristina Ichim The Kylix, the Chamber Tomb and the Boar’s Tusk Helmet: Processes of Cultural Affiliation in the Middle and Late Bronze Age Southern Aegean

  • J

John Johnston Aspects of display and identity in 'Egyptian' burials at Panopolis (Akhmim) during the Ptolemaic period

Ivana Jovanovic In Lapide Veritas? Lithic technology during spread of farming accross the western Balkans

  • K
  • L

Kyle Lee-Crossett Vision and decision- making in archives and collections

Clare Lewis Developing Disciplinary Knowledge: Inaugural Lectures in Egyptology

Hana Lewis Pattern and process in the material culture of Anglo-Saxon rural settlements

Chen Lim Shopping in Ancient Southeast Asia: The Ceramic Trade and its Footprint in Three Port Settlements

Yaxiong Liu Iron and the Rise of the Qin Empire: An Exploration of the Iron Industry and its Social Impact during the Warring States Period

Natalia Lozada Mendieta Ancient Pots and Potters and Communities of Practice in the Átures Rapids (Middle Orinoco River, Venezuela)

  • M

Maja Maricevic Research functions in large heritage organisations: impact of the UK cultural and research policies on the institutional research strategies and practice

Amy Maitland Gardner Gestures in Late Classic Maya Art: A Classification and Interpretation of Ancient Maya Bodily

Joanna Martin Variations in the presence and distribution of Osteoarthritis: A case study from East Anglia

Sally McAleely Arranged Plant Material as Material Culture: Featuring Archaeobotanical Remains from Ancient Egypt. Colloquially known as 'Flower Arranging'

Alec McLellan A Tale of Two Maya Cities: Settlement Change, Cultural Continuity, and Landscape Ecology between Ka'Kabish and Lamanai

Flora Michelaki Mortuary architecture, depositional behaviour and social change in the tholos cemeteries of south-central Crete, 3000-1700 BC.

Annemieke Milks Lethal Threshold: The Evolutionary Implications of Middle Pleistocene Weaponry

Liana Miller A critical investigation of the homogenisation of professionalism and the stifling of diversity across institutional status-position

Josie Mills Tracking the Hunters: Geochemical Profiling of Neanderthal Stone Tools as a means to Reconstruct Movement, Landscape Use, and Social Interaction in the Middle Palaeolithic English Channel

Anna Moles Urbanism and its impact on human health: a long-term study at Knossos, Crete

Haggai Mor The function and value of archaeological archives

  • N

Mariana Nabais Neanderthal Small Prey Consumption in Central Portugal

Denitsa Nenova Social and cultural dynamics in Thrace during the Late Bronze Age

Luisa Nienhaus Remembering Europe’s bloody past: How do contemporary commemorations of the Napoleonic Wars reflect changing ideas of Europe and European identities?

Ole Nordland Iron making in Viking Age Scandinavia (c. AD 750 – 1000): Political power, knowledge transmission and technological changes

  • O

Daniela Paz Osorio Ferrada Early occupation of the Altiplano of Chile, Peru and Bolivia: Technology, activities and mobility routes, an interpretative model

  • P

Hannah Page Technology, Function and Politics in the Use of Ceramics: Interpreting Iron Age Society in Great Lakes Africa

Rui Pang Towards sustainable cultural heritage management in China: an evaluation of systems based on current theory & practice in Han City of Chang'an

Emma Payne Cast from the Antique: Revealing Hidden Archaeology

Jason Peters Adaptive continuity, pattern and process in the exploitation (and built environment) of woodland-pastures in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval England

Matt Phelps An investigation into technological change and organisational developments in glass production between the Byzantine and Islamic periods (7-12th centuries) focussing on evidence from northern Israel

María Teresa Plaza Gold and silver technology in San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile, during the Middle Period (AD 400-900)

  • R

Agathe Ribereau-Gayon Biological impact of the aquatic environment on the decomposition dynamics of human corpses submerged in oceanic conditions subsequently to airplane crashes: a casework study for forensic applications.

Bruna Rocha Archaeology of the Upper Tapajós River, Pará, Brazil

Joe Roe Modelling prehistoric hunting strategies in Jordan

  • S

John Sharrock The bombing of British cities and the contesting of remembrance: WW2 civilian experience and its commemoration since 1945 

Thomas Siek Reconsidering the Paleoepidemiology of Neoplastic Disease, With Reference to Medieval Poland

Fabio Silva  Modeling anatomically modern human dispersals by fitting analytical and numerical predictions to the archaeological and fossil records

Hayley Simon Characterising marine archaeological iron degradation and the efficacy of treatments to date: worth a shot?

Viviana Siveroni Household organization and social integration in the Late Prehispanic Period of the Nasca region, Peru

Hanna Sosnowska Is there a diagnostic Mesolithic period in India? Late Pleistocene and Holocene Lithic Assemblages of Bhimbetka and Central India

Christine Spencer Picking up the Pieces: Assessing the role of legacy survey data in interpretations of social change in Bronze Age Crete

Kate Swinson Over-Hunting, Population Pressure, or Climate Change? Meta-Analysis of the Drivers of Faunal Change in the Late Palaeolithic Levant

  • T

Tian Tian Decline of grave goods in 3rd millennium BC Egypt

Reuben Thorpe Formation and Transformation: Perspectives on social and stratigraphic complexity from Roman Urban Centres

Paul Tourle Sound, Heritage and the Everyday

Yu-tz Tung Archaeological site management in Taiwan: the socio-political context of value-based approaches

  • U

Atena Ungureanu The Restoration of Ancient Egypt – Continuity and Reinvention in Late Period Elite Tomb Scenes

  • V

Youri van den Hurk Social Implications of Cetacean Exploitation in Medieval North-Western Europe

Umberto Veronesi The Alchemy of Early Modern Glass: Philosophy, Modern Science and the Market at Oxford’s Officina Chimica.

Bruno Vindrola-Padrós The Early Neolithic Broken World: the Role of Pottery Breakage in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Sanja Vucetic Sexuality and Gender in Roman Provinces: Creating Identities Through Sexual Representations on moulded lamps and fine tableware

  • W

Lei Wang The relationship between Chinese intangible heritage and tangible heritage culture

Shaochen Wang The Protection, Designation and Management of Cultrual Routes: The Tea & Horse Road in China

Shaohan Wang Silk Roads: Protection and Management Strategies for Linear Cultural Heritage

Chloe Ward A (Re)Assessment of the use of documentary archives from the 19th and 20th Centuries in the Archaeology of Egypt, Sudan and the Near East

Ethan White Non-Funerary Deposition in Early Medieval Britain: An Interdisciplinary Examination into Popular Religion

Suzanna White The taxonomic status of Homo heidelbergensis sensu lato: A 3D geometric morphometric investigation of craniofacial variation 

Christie Willis Stonehenge and Late Neolithic mortuary practices

Jonathan Wood The transmission of silver and silver extraction technology across the Mediterranean in Late Prehistory.

Constance Wyndham Heritage preservation and national reconstruction in Afghanistan post 2001

  • Y

Parthiban Yahambaram Agricultural Intensification in the Iron Age Levant: Causes and Consequences

Victoria Yorke-Edwards Obesity in London 1700-1850: the archival and osteoarchaeological evidence

  • Z

Lisheng Zhang Jianchuan Museum Complex: Memory, Ethics and Power in Chinese Private Heritage Entrepreneurship

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