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Dr Miljana Radivojevic

Dr Miljana Radivojevic

Associate Professor

Institute of Archaeology

Faculty of S&HS

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2018

Research summary

Research interests:

Archaeometallurgy; Ancient economies; Balkan Archaeology; Central Asian Archaeology, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age archaeology; Prehistoric Silk Roads; Archaeometry; Complex Networks Analysis

Current Research Projects (selection):

  • Invention and Innovation in the early Balkan and Eurasian Steppe MetallurgyCollaborative research projects in Kazakhstan and Russia, with partners working in Central Asia and the USA.
  • Complex networks analysis in archaeology. Regional studies: Balkans and Kazakhstan in Copper and Bronze Age.  
  • Late Bronze Age metallurgy in the Kazburun archaeological complex, Bashkir Urals.Collaborative research with M. Akbullah Bashkir State Pedagogical University in Ufa, Russia.

Research supervision: Previous Masters and PhD supervision

  • 2018 -2019: Saltanat Amirova, Copper and Tin Metallurgy on the Late Bronze Age site Semiyarka (Kazakhstan)
  • 2016 – 2017: Claire Davey, The Colour of Magic: Quantitative Colour Assessment of Metals. MSc thesis at the UCL Institute of Archaeology (external supervisor, with principal supervisor Marcos Martinón-Torres and Agnese Benzonelli)
  • 2012 – 2016: Silvia Amicone, Technological Choices in Vinča Culture Pottery Making at the Dawn of the Metal Age. PhD thesis at the UCL Institute of Archaeology (secondary supervisor, jointly with principal supervisor Thilo Rehren and Patrick Quinn)
  • 2012 – 2013: Ana Franjić, The Social and Technological Context of Dress Elaboration in the Early First Millennium BC in Lika, Croatia. MA thesis at the UCL Institute of Archaeology (joint principal supervisor, with Marcos Martinón-Torres)

Teaching summary

In academic year 2022-23, co-ordinating the following modules:

  • ARCL0077 Archaeology in the World
  • ARCL0169 Technology within Society


  • MA, MSc, Magistar, PhD
  • Lecturer in Archaeomaterials, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • Departmental International Students' Tutor
    Miljana Radivojević holds a Lectureship in Archaeomaterials at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, UK, where she acquired her PhD in Archaeometallurgy. During her previous studies and research posts at the Universities of Belgrade, Cambridge and UCL she has developed a strong research profile in both fieldwork excavations and laboratory analysis of material culture, specifically technology of early metal making. She specialised in the emergence of early copper making in the Balkans before expanding research collaborations across Europe and northern Eurasia, with emphasis on central and southeast Europe, Anatolia, Russian Federation, China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Dr Radivojević has published in high impact journals on the origins of metallurgy in the Balkans and southwest Asia, relationship of metallurgy and pottery technologies, invention of tin bronze metallurgy, innovation and transmission of copper metallurgy across southeast Europe, use and circulations of Bronze Age metals in Europe, experimental archaeometallurgy and aesthetics of ancient metal objects, as well as co-developed a novel method of re-assessing archaeological phenomena using complex networks analysis of metal supply systems in the Balkans. Her other research projects include the prehistory of the Silk Roads, linking Central Asia, the Eurasian Steppe and most of Europe during the 4th – 1st millennium BC, and more broadly addressing the pre-modern globalisation of Eurasian continent by looking at the (technological) knowledge economy at the time. 

Professional History:

  • 2015 – July 2018: Anniversary Research Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Jesus College, University of Cambridge
  • 2015 – present: Research Fellow (honorary), Cambridge Central Asian Forum, University of Cambridge
  • 2010 – present: Research Associate (honorary), Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2012– 2015: AHRC Postdoctoral Research Associate, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • 2005–2009: Research Assistant, Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Educational Background:

  • PhD Archaeological Science (Archaeometallurgy) (UCL Institute of Archaeology, 2012). Thesis title: On the Origins of Metallurgy in Europe: Metal Production in the Vinča culture
  • Magistar Prehistoric Archaeology (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Archaeology, 2010). Thesis title: Metallurgy of Copper in the Central Balkans Early Chalcolithic (in Serbian)
  • MSc Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials (UCL Institute of Archaeology, 2007). Thesis title: Evidence for Early Copper Smelting in Belovode, a Vinča Culture Settlement in Eastern Serbia
  • MA Prehistoric Archaeology (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Archaeology, 2004). Thesis title: Typology and Distribution of Copper Artefacts from Pločnik in Southeast Europe (in Serbian)