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Dr Manuel Arroyo-Kalin

Dr Manuel Arroyo-Kalin

Lecturer in Geoarchaeology

Institute of Archaeology Gordon Square

Institute of Archaeology

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2011

Research summary

I am a archaeologist interested in Geoarchaeology, Historical Ecology, Landscape and plant domestication, Human Niche Construction, and Cultural transmission.  My main regional focus is the pre-Columbian history lowland South America,  especially the Amazon basin (I am currently at the start of a research project focused on the archaeology of the Napo River). However, my geoarchaeological research - which relies on the use of soil micromorphological analysis -  includes studies of anthropogenic soils, cave deposits, and paleosols from a variety of contexts that is global in scope.

Teaching summary

At UCL, where he held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (2011-14) and is currently Lecturer in Geoarchaeology, he has taught Geoarchaeology and Amazonian Archaeology. He was Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology at Durham University in 2009-10, where he taught undergraduate and masters students. As a post-graduate student at the University of Cambridge he taught as guest lecturer for undergraduate students and also convened archaeology courses for continuing-education students.


University of Cambridge
PhD, Archaeology | 2008
University of Cambridge
M.Phil, Archaeological Science | 1999


Was brought up in Chile, studied Anthropology (Archaeology) at the Universidad de Chile, and contributed to archaeological research in Tierra del Fuego and the Chilean semi-arid north. Pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, as part of which he conducted ethnaorchaeological fieldwork in northwest Amazonia and geoarchaeological investigations on anthrosols, cave deposits, and site features in Brazil, Chile, Croatia and the UK. He held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at UCL between 2011-14. In 2014 he was appointed Lecturer in Geaorchaeology at the UCL Institute of Archaeology.