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Dr Manuel Arroyo-Kalin

Dr Manuel Arroyo-Kalin

Lecturer in Geoarchaeology

Institute of Archaeology Gordon Square

Institute of Archaeology

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2011

Research summary

Research Interests

South American Archaeology: Amazonia, Patagonia

Geoarchaeology, soil micromorphology

Human Niche-Building, Historical Ecology, Landscape Modification, Anthropogenic soils

Ethnoarchaeology, Cultural Transmission

Research Networks

Domestication, Human Niche Construction and the Anthropocene

The Archaeology of Human Evolution

Current Projects

The Archaeology of the Napo River. British Academy-funded research project, in collaboration with Fernanda Ugalde (Pontifical Catholic University, Ecuador) and Santiago Rivas Panduro (Peruvian Culture Ministry, Loreto Division, Peru).  


Geoarchaeological projects:

Amazonian Dark Earths (Amazonia), ongoing comparative study.

Pre-Columbian Raised Fields (French Guiana), ongoing research, in collaboration with Stéphen Rostain (CNRS).

Open air sites (Orinoco basin, Venezuela), ongoing, part of Leverhulme-funded project led by José Oliver (UCL IoA).

Paleosols (Tierra del Fuego, Chile), part of FONDECYT-funded project led by Flavia Morello (Universidad de Magallanes).

Cave deposits (Pali Aike region, Chile), ongoing, in collaboration with Manuel San Román (Universidad de Magallanes), Charles French (Cambridge University), Rob Scaife University of Southampton).

Shell Middens (Magallanes, Chile), ongoing, in collaboration with Manuel San Román (Universidad de Magallanes) and Charles French (Cambridge University).

Kelabit Highlands (Sarawak), ongoing research, as part of a NRF-funded project led by Lindsay Lloyd-Smith (Sogang University).

Meleiha/Umm al-Ma (Qatar). Ongoing research as part of a QNRF(Qatar)-funded project led by José Carvajal López (UCL Qatar).

Neolithic Shahrizor Plain (Iraqi Kurdistan). Ongoing research as part of a project led by David Wengrow (UCL IoA).

Palaeolithic cave deposits (Istria, Croatia). Ongoing research in collaboration with Preston Miracle (Cambridge University).

Trypillia-culture Nebelivka site (Ukraine), in collaboration with an AHRC(UK)-funded project led by John Chapman (Durham University).

Teaching summary

Course Co-ordinator: ARCL0023 Geoarchaeology

Course Co-ordinator: ARCL0097 Geoarchaeology: Methods and Concepts

Course Co-ordinator (with Kevin MacDonald): ARCL0002 World Archaeology: the deep history of human societies  / ARCL0014 World Archaeology: an outline of the deep history of human societies (for BAA&A students only) / ARCL0003 World Archaeology: evolutionary origins to the earliest states

Course Co-ordinator (with Bill Sillar): ARCL0172 Comparative Archaeologies of the Americas I: First Peoples to emerging complexity

Course Co-ordinator (with Bill Sillar): ARCL0188 Comparative Archaeologies of the Americas II : Empires, states and settlement

Contributor to Degree Programme: MSc in Environmental Archaeology


University of Cambridge
PhD, Archaeology | 2008
University of Cambridge
M.Phil, Archaeological Science | 1999


Licentiate, MPhil, PhD
Lecturer in Geoarchaeology and Historical Ecology (2014- )
Deputy Chair of Departmental Research Committee
British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2011-14)
Section Editor (Environmental Archaeology), Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology (Springer)

Educational Background
PhD Archaeology (University of Cambridge, 2008)
MPhil Archaeological Science (University of Cambridge, 1999)
Licentiate in Anthropology, specialising in Archaeology (Universidad de Chile, 1998)