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Dr Maja Mise

Dr Maja Mise

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Institute of Archaeology Gordon Square

Institute of Archaeology

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2018

Research summary

Marie Curie funded post-doctoral project Economy of Pre-Roman Adriatic Communities: amphora production and trade patterns in a changing world studies the economy of the Adriatic region during the Pre-Roman period, via the distribution of amphorae and trade in wine and olive oil. It focuses on the under-studied period between the establishment of Greek settlements in the 4th c. BC until the consolidation of Roman power toward the end of the last millennium BC. The project seeks to detail the nature of trade and interaction between indigenous communities on both Adriatic coasts, as well as with the Aegean and nearby Italy.  The objectives of the two-year project are to characterise amphorae production at two Greek workshops, Issa and Pharos, on the Dalmatian Islands, southern Croatia and to establish compositional reference groups. These will be compared to the composition of vessels from selected consumption sites and shipwrecks along the Eastern Adriatic coast in order to track amphorae circulation within the Pre-Roman Adriatic


Maja Miše, PhD, is a Croatian archaeologist with 15 years of experience working on Adriatic archaeology and ceramics. She has extensive field experience in ancient ceramic studies, working with large assemblages from different archaeological sites, contexts, and periods, combining traditional ceramic classification with science base compositional analysis. She has established the first classification of the local production of Hellenistic pottery on the East Adriatic coast.