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Susan Harrington - Honorary Senior Lecturer

Susan Harrington

Susan came to the Institute in 1994 as a mature undergraduate student, after a long career in adult education as a woodworking craft tutor. Focusing mainly on Early Anglo-Saxon, later Medieval, landscape and gender archaeologies, she completed three degrees and worked subsequently with the late Martin Welch on the 'Beyond the Tribal Hidage' Project at the Institute (2006-9). She now works part time for the 'People and Place - the making of the kingdom of Northumbria AD300-800', a Leverhulme Trust funded project for Durham University, directed by Institute alumna Sarah Semple (please contact her about this project via Susan.k.harrington@durham.ac.uk ).

Susan also works as an independent specialist in early Anglo-Saxon textiles for field units nationally, recently completing reports on the Prittlewell burial (for MoLA) and the Lakenheath, Suffolk cemeteries (for Suffolk Archaeology), and currently on the Broadstairs St Peter's archive with funding from a Janet Arnold Award.

Research Interests

  • Gender identity and craft production (primarily textiles) in early Anglo-Saxon society
  • Archaeologies of medieval woodlands
  • Early Anglo-Saxon burial archaeology
  • Early Anglo-Saxon textiles

Susan continues to work in collaboration with Stuart Brookes, publishing papers, preparing grant applications and developing databases - the Anglo-Saxon Kent Electronic Database (ASKED) was a joint outcome of their PhD researches and is available for consultation via the Archaeology Data Service. She lectures to masters students on early Anglo-Saxon inhumations and cremations at the request of Andrew Reynolds and to first year undergraduates on gender and feminist archaeologies. She regularly attends first year review panels for PhD students.


Selected recent publications

  • 2014. Harrington, S. and Welch, M. The early Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of southern Britain: beneath the Tribal Hidage. Oxford, Oxbow Pubs
  • 2011. Beyond exogamy: marriage strategies in early Anglo-Saxon England. In Studies in Early Anglo-Saxon Art and Archaeology: Papers in Honour of Martin Welch, edited by Stuart J. Brookes, Susan K. Harrington and Andrew Reynolds, pp.88-97. BAR British Series 527. British Archaeological Reports, Oxford.
  • 2010. Brookes, S.J. and Harrington, S. The Kingdom and People of Kent AD400 -1066. The History Press, Stroud, Gloucestershire.
  • 2008. Aspects of gender identity and craft production in the European Migration period. BAR International Series 1797. British Archaeological Reports, Oxford.