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Okasha El Daly - Honorary Senior Research Associate

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  • Email: o.eldaly@ucl.ac.uk
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Okasha El Daly's main interests are cultural heritage issues especially the public interaction with heritage to make sure that heritage is not imprisoned inside museums or sites but should remain of continued value to our daily life.

He is currently the Director of Projects in the Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP), Qatar Museums and a member and rapporteur of the Scientific Board of QSAP which is currently funding 40 international archaeological missions working in Sudan in a project planned to last until 2022.

Okasha El Daly graduated from the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University 1980. Gained his PhD from the UCL Institute of Archaeology, and taught archaeology in the UK and Egypt. He was also the Director of Projects at the Foundation for Science, Technology & Civilisation, UK supervising its pioneering exhibition "1001 Inventions", which is an international interactive exhibition showing the extent of the of scientific progress in Arab & Islamic Civilisations. He authored and translated several works in archaeology, history and museum studies in both English and Arabic. Most notably, his ground-breaking book "Egyptology: The Missing Millennium. Ancient Egypt in Medieval Arabic Writings" published by University College London Press 2005, which shows the depth and extent of medieval Muslim and Arab scholarly contributions in studying the ancient cultures and their monuments, especially the ancient Egyptian civilisation to benefit from its sciences just as the Greeks, Romans and other scholars did before. He also translated several important academic studies on archaeology to Arabic.

Research Interests

  • Culture heritage and tourism
  • Heritage management
  • Public archaeology, local community outreach
  • Nile Valley archaeology
  • History and archaeology teaching/research in the Middle East with focus on Egypt, Sudan and the Gulf
  • History of science in Muslim Civilisations

Close collaboration with colleagues in London (Stephen Quirke) and Doha where UCL-Qatar has a very important ongoing archaeological mission working in Sudan funded by QSAP.


Selected recent publications

  • Hassan, F. A., Tassie, G. J., Owens, L. S., De Trafford, A., van Wetering, J. and El Daly, O. (eds.) The Management of Egypt's Cultural Heritage, Vol. 2. London: Golden House 2015.
  • El Daly, O. & S. Quirke, Arabic Transliteration of Ancient Egyptian. In F. Hassan et al, (eds) Managing Egypt's Cultural Heritage. London: Golden House 2009, 15-26.
  • El Daly, O. & S. Quirke "Egyptian Collections - An Alternative Perspective?" Paper delivered at the CIPEG conference at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from 21-24, Sept. 2005.
  • "Egyptology: The Missing Millennium. Ancient Egypt in Medieval Arabic Writings". London: UCL Press 2005.