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Martin Henig - Honorary Professor

Martin Henig

Previously visiting lecturer in Roman Art, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford (1985-2006), Martin Henig is now vice-president of the British Archaeological Association of which he has been an Honorary Editor for many years.

Martin has spent most of his career working on Roman art and religion, especially of Roman Britain and on Roman engraved gemstones, areas in which he continues to be engaged in active research. He has especially enjoyed teaching, and sharing his enthusiasm for the past, with students. He was ordained in 2010 and now serves as Assistant Priest in the Anglican Benefice of Osney, Oxford which includes two medieval churches, on one of which, St Margaret's, Binsey he has co-edited a book.

Martin is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and vice-president of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals, and serves on the board of the Animal Interfaith Alliance.

Research Interests

  • Roman Sculpture (this has included fascicules of CSIR on the Cotswold region, the North-West Midlands and recently (with Penny Coombe, Francis Grew and Kevin Hayward) on London and South-East England. With Penny and Kevin, Martin is currently working on sculpture and monuments at Stanwick, Northants and at Peterborough.
  • Roman gems, including intaglios from Silchester, intaglios in Medieval settings and cameos. He is currently working with Helen Molesworth on a very large private collection of Roman cameos. Martin is also co-editing a series of conference papers on Roman villas (with Grahame Soffe and Kate Adcock) for the Association for Roman Archaeology.

He is the Society of Antiquaries' representative on the Winchester Research Committee, and have been recently engaged in writing/revising sections for the volume of Winchester Studies dealing with Roman Winchester.

He studied at the Institute between 1963 and 1965 (Diploma in the Iron Age and Western Roman Provinces) and has tried to keep up contact since. He was made an Honorary when beginning work on the ambitious fascicule of CSIR dealing with South-East England, which was at last published in 2015.

Martin has given lectures on Roman Art in the Institute in recent years, which he has found very rewarding.


Selected recent publications

  • With Penny Coombe, Francis Grew, and Kevin Hayward, Roman Sculpture from London and the South-East (CSIR 1.10, British Academy 2015)
  • Edited with Lydia Carr and Russell Dewhurst, Binsey: Oxford's Holy Place. Its saint, village and people (Archaeopress 2014)
  • Edited with Crispin Paine, Preserving and Presenting the Past in Oxfordshire and beyond. Essays in Memory of John Rhodes (BAR Brit series 586, Archaeopress)
  • The Heirs of King Verica. Culture and Politics in Roman Britain (Tempus 2002; revised edition Amberley 2010)
  • Edited with Nigel Ramsay, Intersections: The Archaeology and History of Christianity in England, 400-1200. Papers in honour of Martin Biddle and Birthe Kjølbye-Biddle (Archaeopress 2010)
  • A Corpus of Roman Engraved Gemstones from British Sites (BAR Brit series 8, third edition. Previous editions 1974, 1978)
  • Edited with Elizabeth Hartley, Jane Hawkes and Frances Mee, Constantine the Great. York's Roman Emperor (York 2006)
  • Edited, Roman Art, Religion and Society. New Studies from the Roman Art Seminar, Oxford 2005 (BAR International series 1577, 2006)
  • With Arthur MacGregor, Catalogue of the Engraved Gems and Finger-rings in the Ashmolean Museum (Archaeopress 2004)
  • Roman Sculpture from the North West Midlands (CSIR 1.9, British Academy 2004)
  • With Paul Booth, Roman Oxfordshire (Sutton Publishing, 2000)
  • The Art of Roman Britain (Batsford 1995)
  • With Mary Whiting and Dians Scarisbrick, Classical Gems. Ancient and Modern Intaglios and Cameos in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (Cambridge 1994)
  • Roman Sculpture from the Cotswold Region (CSIR 1.7, British Academy 1993)
  • The Art of Roman Britain (Batsford 1984)