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Marcos Martinón-Torres - Honorary Professor

Marcos Martinón-Torres


Name: Professor Marcos Martinon-Torres

Honorary Title: Honorary Professor

Emai: m.martinon-torres@arch.cam.ac.uk

IoA staff nominator and email address:

Mark Lake mark.lake@ucl.ac.uk



IoA involvement:

Marcos is the primary supervisor for four PhD students, collaborates with the Terracotta Army project (Andrew Bevan, Xiuzhen Li, Thilo Rehren) and with other research projects and colleagues (Borja Legarra, Agnese Benzonelli).


Research Publications


Selected publications:

Martinón-Torres, M., Li, X., Xia, Y., Benzonelli, A., Bevan, A., Ma, S., Huang, J., Wang, L., Lan, D., Lu, J., Liu, S., Zhao, Z., Zhao, K., & Rehren, Th. (2019). Surface chromium on Terracotta Army bronze weapons is neither an ancient anti-rust treatment nor the reason for their good preservation. Scientific Reports 9, 5289.

Veronesi, U., Rehren, Th., Straube, B. & Martinón-Torres, M. (2019). Testing the New World: early modern chemistry and mineral prospection at colonial Jamestown, 1607–1610. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11, 6851–6864.

Martinón-Torres, M. (2018). Metals, minds and mobility: the end of archaeological science? In: Armada, X.L., Charlton, M. and Murillo-Barroso, M. (eds.) Metals, minds and mobility: integrating scientific data with archaeological theory. Oxford: Oxbow, 161-169.

Murillo-Barroso, M., Penalver, E., Bueno, P., Barroso, R., de Balbin, R., & Martinón-Torres, M. (2018). Amber in prehistoric Iberia: new data and a review. Plos One 13(8): e0202235.

Martinón-Torres, M., & Killick, D.(2015). Archaeological theories and archaeological sciences. In: Gardner, A., Lake, M., & Sommer, U. (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press.