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John Giblin - Honorary Lecturer

John Giblin
  • Email: j.giblin@ucl.ac.uk
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

John Giblin is the Head of Africa within the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the British Museum. Before taking up his current position, John was a Lecturer in the Heritage and Tourism group at the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, and a member of the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney, Australia.  John completed his PhD, Reconstructing the Past in Post-Genocide Rwanda: An Archaeological Contribution, at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, following which he undertook a post-doctoral fellowship concerning Post-Conflict Heritage in Western Great Lakes Africa at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg. John is also a steering committee member of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.

Research Interests

John's current research interests include the post-conflict use of heritage and practice of archaeology in post-colonial, post-conflict contexts, specifically in western Great Lakes Africa.


Selected recent publications

  • Giblin, J. D. (2015) 'Toward an Archaeology of Recent Violent Conflict in Western Great Lakes Africa', Journal of Conflict Archaeology 10 (2), 123-146.
  • Giblin, J. D. (2015) 'Critical Approaches to Post-colonial (Post-conflict) Heritage', pp. 313-328. In: Waterton, E. and Watson, S. (eds.) The Palgrave Handbook  of Contemporary Heritage Research. Oxford. Palgrave.
  • Giblin, J. D. (2015) 'Archaeological Ethics and Violence in Post-Genocide Rwanda', In: González-Ruibal, A., and Moshenska G. (eds.) Ethics and the Archaeology of Violence. World Archaeological Congress. Springer.
  • Giblin, J. D. (2015) 'Possibilities and Politics Regarding the Archaeological Identification of Pre-Colonial Twa, Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda', In: Richard, F. and MacDonald, K. C. (eds.) Ethnic Ambiguities in African Archaeology: Materiality, History and the Shaping of Cultural Identities. Walnut Creek, Left Coast Press.
  • Giblin, J. D. (2014) 'Can, Door, Heritage: A Conflict to Post-Conflict Object Narrative', pp. 103-110. In: Clarke, A., Brown, S., and Frederick, U. (eds.) Object Stories: artefacts and archaeologists. Left Coast Press.
  • Giblin, J. D. (2014) 'Toward a Political Ethic in African Archaeology', Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Special Edition: Ethics in African Archaeology
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  • Giblin, J. D. (2012) 'Performing Indigenous for International Tourists who Tour the Rural Poor, In: Hillerdal, C., Karlstrom, A., and Ojala, C-G. (eds.) Archaeologies of Us and Them: Debating History, Heritage and Indigeneity. New York, Routledge.