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Jesús Fernández Fernández - Honorary Research Associate

Jesús Fernández Fernández

Jesús Fernández Fernández received his MPhil and PhD from the University of Oviedo (Spain). His MPhil dissertation focused on the application of Geographical Information Systems in landscape archaeology and his PhD on landscape archaeology and territorial organisation in Asturias (northern Spain) between the Late Antiquity and the central Middle Ages.

Since 2008 Jesús has been the director of archaeological fieldwork projects and member of several research projects in various universities. He is a social entrepreneur and director of an archaeological-museological community project in Asturias (Spain): La Ponte-Ecomuseum (2012-present).

From 2015-16 he was a postdoctoral researcher (Marie Curie Co-Fund) in Oxford University, his work centring in cultural landscapes and social innovation in cultural heritage.

From 2009-2014 Jesús worked in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Archaeology specifically with Andrew Reynolds on the project exploring Agrarian Archaeology in Vigaña (Asturias, Spain). As of 2015, he is collaborating with Gabriel Moshenska on various cultural heritage and public archaeology projects, including a summer workshop in landscape archaeology in Asturias (Spain) with the participation of Institute students.

Research Project

Research Interests

  • Public archaeology
  • Community archaeology
  • Social innovation in cultural heritage
  • Ecomuseums
  • Cultural landscapes
  • Landscape archaeology
  • Agrarian archaeology
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Medieval history/archaeology
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • La Ponte-Ecomuseum



Selected recent publications