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David Prince - Honorary Visiting Professor

David Prince

David Prince is a landscape psychologist and management consultant with over 30 years' experience in strategic and business planning specialising in cultural programmes and projects.

After gaining his PhD in landscape perception in 1981, he formed Prince Research Consultants, working for over 300 private and public sector clients in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. In 2010, he joined forces with architect Simon Pearce leading to the formation of Prince + Pearce, a company which specialises in new-project concept origination, business and strategic planning, and creative project definition, advocacy and delivery.

He was for many years a Visiting Lecturer at the Universities of Birmingham and Gothenburg. He is the author of a number of academic and other works and, as a Visiting Professor at UCL, mentors and assesses masters, doctoral and post-doctoral students. As a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 1983 he has a commitment to the role of research, spatial information systems, strategic planning and effective communication in the creation and management of sustainable environments, world-wide.

He continues to work extensively in the Middle East particularly in Kuwait, the UAE, Jordan, Qatar and Oman on a variety of cultural and spatial projects. In Oman he is working with the Supreme Council for Planning on the Oman National Spatial Strategy, a project designed to provide the spatial framework for the social, economic and physical development of the Sultanate for the next thirty years. He has recently been appointed to the International Scientific Committee for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

He has worked on a number of projects in many Balkan countries providing advice on strategic planning in cultural heritage development, business planning and cultural tourism, all aimed at fostering positive cross-border, post-conflict relations.

Website: www.princeandpearce.co.uk

 Research Interests

  • The perception of landscape, particularly the role of perception in defining the interpretation of landscape space: topophilic and topophobic response(s) to place
  • Behaviour and decision-making in cultural landscapes
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • The marketing, branding, management and delivery of cultural projects
  • The role of the creative industries and eco-tourism in sustainable development initiatives
  • The political, social and economic development of the Middle East
  • The role of cultural heritage in assisting post-conflict resolution

For the past 20+ years David Prince has been lecturing to Master students on the Museum Studies, Public Archaeology and Cultural Heritage courses at the Institute and mentoring PhD students in a variety of research subjects, in collaboration with Tim Schadla-Hall (Reader in Public Archeology).


Selected recent publications

  • Prince D.R, 2015-2016 A series of commissioned articles on Oman in the Landscape Research Group's e-bulletin. Topics include: Urban Oman, the future of Oman's oil industry, Oman's quest to be a knowledge-based economy, the effect of climate change, and environmental pressures related particularly to tourism.
  • Prince D.R 2015 'Sustainable Tourism Development in Regions Under Stress'. The Regional Ecotourism Initiative: Jordan; also presented at Mid-Sweden University, Östersund
  • Prince, D.R. 2013 'Heritage and Tourism in the Balkans: Is heritage a necessary and sufficient condition for tourism in the Balkans?' Cultural Heritage without Borders (Pristina, Kosovo)
  • Prince, D.R. 2012 'The Value of Cultural Heritage' Cultural Heritage without Borders (Gjirokastra, Albania)
  • Prince, D.R. 2012 'The Tourism Potential of the Drinos Valley, Gjirokastra, Albania' Cultural Heritage without Borders (Gjirokastra, Albania)
  • Prince, D.R. et al 2007 'Making History - Antiquaries in Britain 1707-2007' The Royal Academy of Arts, London (Leader of the creative and editorial team)
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