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David Pendergast - Honorary Senior Research Associate

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Following teaching at the University of Utah from 1961 to 1967, David Pendergast joined the staff of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, with which he had been connected since 1964. He held the rank of Curator until 1996, when he became Vice President for Collections and Research (Deputy Director); David retired in 1999, and has been linked to the IoA since 2002.

He began working in the Maya Area in 1957, and in Belize in 1961 and has directed large-scale excavations at the sites of Altun Ha 1964-1970 and Lamanai 1974-1986, as well as smaller projects elsewhere in the country.

Since 1979 he has worked closely with Elizabeth Graham on Belize projects and has also co-directed excavations at the site of Los Buchillones on the north coast of Cuba with Dr Jorge Calvera R. 1995-2004; this was the first archaeological project to receive the Cuban government's Premio Ciencias Sociales. The site has now been declared a National Monument.

Research Interests

  • Ancient Maya society, focusing especially on architectural development in the southern Maya Lowlands, and on Postclassic (A.D. 900-1540) and early Historic remains.
  • Mesoamerican archaeology in general
  • Taino archaeology in Cuba, 12th century to early Historic

Selected recent publications

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