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Dr Baoping Li

Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Chinese Archaeology

Institute of Archaeology Gordon Square

Institute of Archaeology

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2022

Research summary

Archaeology, art history, cultural heritage and museum study of China and related countries.

Speciality in Chinese ceramics and its global distribution in the past two millennium, studied from various approaches, including chemical sourcing of shipwreck ceramics and reconstruction of ancient technology.

China’s trade, diplomacy and cultural interaction with its neighbours, next door or on the other side of the world, integrating archaeology, historiography, material/visual cultures, etc.

Teaching summary

The teaching is primarily in the fields mentioned in the Research Summary.


Peking University
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Peking University
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University of Queensland, Brisbane
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Baoping’s former appointments include Senior International Researcher, Director, Sotheby’s; Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow, Univ. of Sydney; and ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ. of Queensland, Brisbane. He is a research associate, School of Archaeology, Univ. of Oxford; senior researcher and senior editor, Unicorn Publishing Group; and recently honorary senior research associate, IoA, UCL. He publishes widely, such as with Encyclopedia of China, and institutions including the Palace Museums in Beijing and Taipei, and the Freer/Sackler galleries in USA. He supervises translation into Chinese for database entries of the ceramics of the Sir Percival David collection, now displayed in the Sir Joseph Hotung Centre for Ceramic Studies at the British Museum (BM), and edits or translates books for the BM. As a consultant for the Oriental Ceramic Society, London, he contributes substantially to its work, including the exhibition/catalogue Collectors, Curators, Connoisseurs: A Century of the Oriental Ceramic Society. Baoping also edits or translates books for institutions such as the Needham Research Institute, Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore (the Tang Shipwreck of Belitung), China National Silk Museum, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Art Museum etc. For pastime, Baoping enjoys gardening, jogging, travel, and writing traditional Chinese shici poems.