Institute of Archaeology


Rahil Alipour - Gerda Henkel Research Fellow

  • BA, MA, PhD
  • Gerda Henkel Research Fellow

Research Interests

Materials analysis with a specific interest in crucible steel production from Iran and Uzbekistan.

Current research project

Interdisciplinary Historical high-temperature technologies: from Islamic manuscripts to the laboratory

This 3-year interdisciplinary project addresses research questions in Historical Islamic Studies, History of Science and Islamic Archaeology through a combination of text-critical technically correct translation of technical recipes contained in Iranian Islamic
manuscripts with the experimental reconstruction of the recipes, and contrasting them to relevant archaeological evidence. The focus is on medieval Islamic manuscripts related to the production of metals, glass and glazes, and pigments, and their technological interpretation.

Educational Background

  • 2017: PhD in Archaeology, UCL. Thesis title: Persian Crucible Steel Production in Central Iran
  • 2010: MA in Artefact studies, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • 2008: BA, with Distinction, Museum Studies, Higher Educational Centre of Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization
  • Alipour, R. & Th. Rehren, 2014: Persian Pūlād Production: Chāhak Tradition. Journal of Islamic Archaeology 1, 237-267
  • Alipour, R., Gleba, M. & Rehren, Th. 2011: Textile templates for ceramic crucibles in early Islamic Akhsiket, Uzbekistan. Archaeological Textiles Newsletter 53, 15-27
  • Alipour, R. 2017: Persian crucible steel production: Chāhak tradition. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Rehren Th, Martinón-Torres M, UCL (University College London)