Institute of Archaeology


Kunlong Chen - Newton International Fellow

  • BEng, PhD
  • Newton International Fellow 2017-19

Research Interests

Scientific analysis and technological research on archaeological materials, mainly focusing on technology of Chinese Bronze Age Metallurgy and its social impacts

Current research project

Metallurgy in Bronze Age China: Regional Production and Trans-cultural Networks

This project aims to explore the development of bronze metallurgy and its social impact in Bronze Age China, emphasising the diversity of both the regional trajectories and the exchanges that reflect underlying politics and cultural developments. It focuses particularly on the regional interactions as reflected by the production, use and circulation of bronze during the 15th to 11th centuries BC. This is the period when distinct bronze industries emerged in many regional centres (Erligang period, early-middle Shang) and become well established towards the Anyang period (later Shang).

Professional History and Educational Background

  • 2013-16: Associate Professor of Archaeological Science, Institute of Cultural Heritage and History of Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology, Beijing
  • 2012-13: Lecturer, Institute of Historical Metallurgy and Materials, University of Science and Technology, Beijing
  • 2010-12: Postdoctoral researcher, School of Metallurgy and Ecology, University of Science and Technology, Beijing
  • 2010: PhD, University of Science and Technology, Beijing
  • 2007: Marie Curie Fellowship for Early Stage Researchers Training, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • 2000: Bachelor of Engineering in Material Sciences, Zhengzhou University, China
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  • Jianjun Mei, Jianwei Xu, and Kunlong Chen, et al. 2012. Recent Research onEarly Bronze Metallurgy in Northwest China. In Paul Jett (ed.), Scientific Research on Ancient Asian Metallurgy. Washington: Freer Gallery of Arts, pp. 37-46.
  • Kunlong Chen, Jianjun Mei and Congcang Zhao. 2012. A Scientific Study on the Copper and Bronze Artifacts Unearthed from the Bao-shan Site and its Relevant Issues. Cultural Relics 2012(7): 84-91. (in Chinese)
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