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Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Studies

25 June 2024

A new open access volume, Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Studies, will be published shortly by UCL Press.

Bookcover for Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Studies - UCL Press (2024, Eds. Rachel King and Trinidad Rico), with a blue background, white and yellow text (title and editors names) and a b&w reel of a man riding a horse going across the cover

Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Studies edited by Rachel King and Trinidad Rico is due to be published on 15 July 2024.

Methods and Methodologies in Heritage Studies offers succinct, easily accessible analyses of the disciplinary debates, intellectual legacies, and practical innovations that have led to understandings of heritage value today.

Through a diverse collection of expert voices, this volume invites readers to embark on their own journeys through appropriate methodologies for research and public engagement. Readers can draw on analyses of key problem areas and argumentative interventions to create a roadmap for the many disciplinary approaches that converge on heritage studies.

Oriented specifically towards learning and teaching heritage across archaeology, anthropology, history, and geography, this textbook is designed to support critical, ethical heritage students, researchers, and practitioners.

The fully open access monograph may be downloaded from the UCL Press website when published.

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