Institute of Archaeology


Prizes awarded to Institute Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma students 2021

15 July 2021

Congratulations to the UCL Institute of Archaeology Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma students who have been awarded departmental prizes for the 2020-21 academic session.

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Institute of Archaeology Sessional Prizes 

BA/BSc Year 1

  • Amanda Bianconi
  • Alice Locke
  • Brent Nevy II

BA/BSc Year 2

  • Katy Hearne
  • Juan Pala Gutierrez 
  • Eponine Wong  

Graduate Diploma

  • Kate Pedersen
  • Paige Steen
  • Paulina Wandowicz

Gordon Childe Prize for outstanding performance

  • Adela Cebeiro Munin         

Peter Ucko Prize for Archaeology and Anthropology

  • Adela Cebeiro Munin  
  • Benny Shen

Roy Hodson Prize for Prehistory

  • Chelsea Heng  

Peter Dorrell Prize for Photography

  • Thomas Cooper
  • Tim Jones

Norah Moloney Prize for Fieldwork

  • Isabelle Haynes

Norah Moloney Prize for Palaeolithic Archaeology

  • Adela Cebeiro Munin

Hellyar Prize for outstanding contributions to the life and work of the Institute of Archaeology

  • Adela Cebeiro Munin
  • Eponine Wong

Irene Sala Prize for Lithic studies

  • Adela Cebeiro Munin

Bryan Clauson Prize for Roman Archaeology

  • Madelaine Ledward        

IAMS Prize for Archaeometallurgy

  • Sarah Johnson 

Seton Lloyd Memorial Prize for Western Asiatic Archaeology

  • Julia Jozefowicz

Jonathan Rowe Prize for work in Palaeoecology

  • Benny Shen 

Douglas Murray Prize for Egyptology

  • Paige Steen

Margaret Murray Prize for Egyptology

  • Paulina Wandowicz